Why Diet is Important for Emotional Well Being

fruitbasketoutdoorsMost of us already know that if we are healthy and reasonably slender, we feel better.  This is a “no brainer.”  But we don’t often realize how important what we put in our body is when it comes to our mental health and emotional well being.

I always approach life holistically, which means that I look at the whole person, not just an aspect of that person.  Everything works together.  If we are out of balance physically, we are out of balance emotionally and vise versa.  When considering optimal well-being we need to consider our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  We need to look at our life and see what is out of balance.

kaleahkitchen1Most of my clients report that when they are emotionally upset they don’t eat well.  They lack the energy to take care of themselves. This is the time when taking care of yourself becomes the most important thing you can do.

Your physical body needs the nutrients to help you to deal with the emotional stress.  If you eat nothing but ice cream and junk food when you have a broken heart, you will feel worse in the long run, and when you start gaining all that extra weight, you will feel even worse. Continue reading

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I Need You To Love Me

podbeanbutton_144wWe often get caught up on a Merry-Go-Round of trying to get our needs met from other people, investing an enormous amount of energy in trying to get love from an empty well. Why is this? How can we break this pattern and learn how to truly live “in love?”

In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah explores how we give our power away to people and things outside ourselves in attempt to get our deep, inner needs met. She addresses the dynamic we find ourselves in with narcissists and addicts and how we can change our pattern of attracting hurtful and destructive relationships.

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Why I went from a Low Carb High Fat Diet to a High Carb Low Fat Diet

plantbaseddietI have always been conscious of my health, studying and experimenting since I was in my twenties. There is no doubt that the topic of diet is very confusing. What is the most optimal diet for health, weight loss and stability and longevity?

Well popular “lifestyle” diet information ranges from low carb, high fat, moderate protein to high carb, low fat, vegetable protein to anything and everything in between. We have the raw food diet, the paleo diet, the starch diet and so many others to choose from. We have meat based, vegetarian and vegan diets. What diet is right? What is the best diet?

I don’t feel there is ever a one size fits all for diets, however I have been a vegetarian since my twenties and for both ethical and health reasons I have remained vegetarian. I recently watched the film “Cowspiracy” on Netflix, which lit a fire under me to move towards veganism. The problem was that I was a low carb, high fat vegetarian at the time and my diet consisted of a lot of cheese, eggs and butter. It would be difficult to be vegan on a low carb diet unless you ate mostly vegetables, nuts and seeds. That did not feel optimal to me at all, so I knew a diet change was necessary.

When I initially went low carb I weighed 137 pounds on my five foot eight inch frame and was feeling a bit dumpy. I had maintained a weight of around 130 pounds my whole adult life, after recovering from an eating disorder in my late teens. Now my weight was creeping up and I knew I needed to take action before it got out of control. I did some research and decided to give the “low carb, high fat” diet a try. Continue reading

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Fear and Drama is the Ego’s Food!

ego-spiritRecently, on the advice of a mentor, I revisited Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth”.  Often when we have had years of growth between the last time we have read a profound book like this one, it is like reading it for the first time, because there is so much insight we might not have gained from our first reading.  We gain what we are ready and willing to gain or absorb.

Tolle really delves into the Ego and how it is the Ego that defines our illusory self.  This is the “Self” we have been conditioned to believe we are.  We identify with this “Self” and the more we do this, the more power we give it.  When we become aware of the Ego it loses power.  When we can learn to identify the ego, to observe it in action, we bring awareness to this dysfunctional aspect of Self.  When we become aware of something it can no longer function in the dark.

When we are in turmoil and emotional pain, the ego is thriving!  According to Tolle, we could not feel emotional pain, rooted in the past, if we were not identified with our ego.  Our ego tells us we are our pain.  Our thoughts, or the voice in our head, tell us untruths about ourselves that increase our pain.  We hear the voice that tells us we are worthless, we are “no good,” we are unlovable and so on.  I have always called these “core beliefs” because we often learn these lies about ourselves in early childhood.  However, these lies go dormant and surface again when we have an upset, crisis or trauma in our lives.  We come to believe, because we are having this crisis, upset, or trauma it must be because of something within us that is inadequate or something we are doing wrong.  Shame, blame and guilt! Continue reading

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Reconnecting with Soul

selflove5I recently participated in a powerful Full Moon, sound healing meditation with an amazing group of people and the result for me was incredible. I had not realized how much soul loss I had experienced in this past year through various relationship dynamics.  I had not realized the affect that soul loss had on me.

It began with chronic insomnia, the inability to fall asleep. I would lay awake night after night praying for sleep but it never came. Slowly my body began to deteriorate due to lack of regeneration. I reached my “bottom” or ultimate “low” which resulted in the ending of a relationship I was in. I found myself having to pull myself from the depths of the “low” point physical, mentally and spiritually and at the same time recover from losing the “love” in my life.

In the beginning it felt like a “hopeless” journey, but little by little I began to sleep again and reconnected with nature through daily walks down by the river. I could feel myself slowly coming back, emerging from the darkness and the desperation that resulted from feeling so disconnected from my own soul. Continue reading

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