Why I Eat a Vegan Plant Based Diet

Although I have been vegetarian most of my adult life, in this past year I have committed to a 100% whole food, plant based diet without any animal products.  For me that meant dropping the dairy and eggs.

Some may think such a diet is extreme and people always ask me where I get my protein.

Well, first of all let me address what is extreme.  The extreme cruelty and torture of innocent beings just so we can have a slab of dead flesh on our table is extreme.  If you have ever watched a video about what happens at those slaughter houses, you would think it was extreme too.

What is extreme is that over 56 billion farm animals are slaughtered every year by humans for our selfish consumption.  Some people will tell me that this is the purpose of these animals.  I can’t wrap my head around this kind of thinking.  How could it possibly be the purpose of an animal to suffer extreme conditions and torture at the hands of mankind?

Some “spiritual thinkers” say that these animals have a karmic contract to  be our food.  Really?  This kind of statement feels like an unconscious justification for something one is afraid to look too closely at, for fear they just might have to make a change.

Farm animals, like goats, cows, pigs and chickens are conscious beings.  They have eyes, ears and feelings.  Whoever said these animals don’t feel or are too stupid to know what is going on, has never spent time with such an animal.  If you love dogs or cats or horses, you love animals and need to consider if your personal daily activities are both environmentally friendly and animal friendly.

I have chosen to stop supporting the animal agriculture industry by not consuming meat or dairy.  Now some will say “dairy is okay isn’t it?  Animals aren’t hurt making milk.”  Well, that is what I believed up until watching the documentary “Cowspiracy.”  My eyes were opened and I couldn’t close them again.  I learned that for the Mama cow to keep producing milk she has to keep having babies.  She, like us, have a nine month gestation period and gives birth to her calf, only to have it taken away, so we can have the milk.  She grieves the loss of her young babe by bellowing loudly.  She suffers the loss of her young, as any Mother would.  Then she gets hooked up to machines that suck the milk out of her every morning and night.  Meanwhile the female calves are raised to follow in Mom’s footsteps and the male calves are disposable, often being sold for veal.

Another piece I learned about animal agriculture is the environmental imact of grazing animals, which results in the destruction of the rain forest as well as the mass excrement causing more Co2 Emissions then all the vehicles on the planet.

Animal agriculture is seriously destructive to our environment, but most people who are aware of this turn a blind eye, because there is a ton of money in animal agriculture.  And people want their steaks and burgers, so the demand for meat continues to drive the supplier to produce more and more.  We are destroying our children’s future because we want to consume meat today.  Animal Agriculture is not sustainable.

The Paleo diet and all its variations has quickly moved up to the top of the ladder when it comes to the latest fad diet and lifestyle plan.  People do lose weight on Paleo because most of the sugar and junk food is cut out and meat and vegetables make up the majority of the diet.

The author of “The Paleo Diet” says:

 “If you eat a lot of the saturated fats found in cheeses, butter and bacon and don’t cut your calorie intake, your cholesterol will go up. … At worst, they can cause big trouble in the long run by elevating LDL cholesterol levels, which increases the risk for heart cardiovascular disease.”Mar 18, 2014

The idea that the Paleo diet is a fat “free for all,” is a misconception.

In the Paleo diet, carbs are the enemy.  It is a very low carb diet.  The lower the carbs the more “ketogenic” the diet becomes, which does have the result of losing more fat on the body, but does it really lend itself to healing or preventing heart disease, diabetes and the like?

According to Dr. Gregor, there was a study done by Dr. Richard Flemming on heart disease patients using diet to reverse their heart disease.  A percentage of people followed a plant based diet for a year and a percentage of people abandoned the plant based diet and went low carb.  The Veggie group  had 20% less atherosclerotic plaque in their arteries at the end of the year than at the beginning. The Low Carb group had 40% to 50% more artery clogging by the end of the year.


The paleo diet centers around the consumption of meat, so you are still contributing to the slaughter of animals and consuming all that animal flesh, which studies show, contribute to heart disease and other diseases.  Even if you are eating “grass fed” or “free range” meat, it still must be slaughtered and this kind of farming is still not sustainable.

We don’t have enough land on the planet to graze enough “grass fed” beef to meet the current demand for meat; grass fed meat is still animal fat and can cause heart disease, and those animals are still being slaughtered in the end.

Is there such a thing as a friendly slaughter?  Animals, like people, have a survival instinct that causes them to fight for their life.  They don’t want to be slaughtered any more than we do.  It is our supremacy that causes us to believe we are entitled to take lives for our own enjoyment.  When we eat these animals, we also ingest the fear and trauma that animals suffer in  life and death.  This lowers our life force energy.

Back when the Native Americans took down a Buffalo for meat, the Buffalo were wild and had a fighting chance.  The Buffalo would run to try and get away and the Natives were on horses with bow and arrows.  It was a bit more of a level playing ground. The weakest and slowest Buffalo were taken down first and the rest could escape to safety.

The natives considered life sacred and would take no more than they would use.  Meat helped them to get through the cold winters, so at that time, in the climates they were living in, hunting was necessary.  But times have changed so much since then.  We now have advanced agricultural practices and are learning more every day about how to grow mass amounts of organic food with the least amount of expense.  The animals we eat are held captive, have poor quality of life and are brutally slaughtered in the end.

The natives used all parts of an animal they killed.

We often think the leather we wear is a byproduct of the slaughter of cattle.  The truth is that much of the leather sold comes from animals killed primarily for their skins.

We have advanced beyond the time when meat consumption was necessary for our survival.  We all need to get with the times and change the way we live on this earth, if we are to have an earth left.

My choice to be completely plant based in my diet is to do my part in not contributing to the harm of innocent beings, to do my part in preserving our natural resources.

Another reason I have chosen a plant based lifestyle is health.  Have you looked around lately?  In the U.S. obesity is an epidemic.  So is heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  The standard American diet is atrocious and provides very little nutrition.  The standard American diet is meat based.  Throw the excessive sugar and oil consumption into the mix and you have a recipe for health disaster.

The diet to reverse most disease is a plant based diet.  If this is the diet to reverse disease, it is also the diet to prevent disease.  I fully believe a plant based diet is the healthiest diet we could eat.  And we can easily get all of our nutritional needs met through plants such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and healthy grains like black and brown rice, quinoa, and buckwheat.

There is plenty of protein for our body in these foods.  In fact some of the strongest men in the world are Vegan.  The belief that we need animal protein, and lots of it, to get our protein needs met is a myth.  Vegans are not protein deficient.

Large animals like cows, elephants, and apes eat primarily vegetation. That vegetation goes through a conversion process where the body manufactures the protein from the raw materials.  Humans have this same ability to build strong and healthy bodies from plant materials.  It is our most natural diet.

I eat the way I do, not just for animal welfare and the environment, but also for my health and well-being.  I am slender, youthful, and healthy.

I am devoted to both a plant based diet, health and spiritual enlightenment.  Spirituality is the final reason I have chosen the plant based diet.  Not only am I not contributing to the senseless slaughter of innocent beings, but whole plant foods have a much higher energy vibration than any other food sources.  When you eat fruits and vegetables in their natural state you are feeding your body high vibrational energy that lends itself not only to excellent health and wellness but also a higher spiritual vibration.  The denser your food the less sensitive one is to life itself.

We all want to feel alive.  Live foods and foods that are minimally processed and cooked will increase the life force energy in our body.

Eating organic is another important part of my diet.  Conventional farming practices use chemical pesticides and fertilizers that can harm our bodies.  There is also Monsanto’s domination of the food supply by introducing GMO seeds that are causing so much illness in the world.  Most of our wheat, corn and soy crops, if not organic, come from GMO seeds.  There are so many products that have GMO’s that most are not aware of, such as Quaker oats.  You might think of Quaker oats as a health food, but it is the opposite.  Oats are great, but you must choose organic oats.

Many people do have to watch their blood sugar by eating a low glycemic diet.  There is some study involved here.  But you can eat a low glycemic diet and still be plant based.  I know I do.  I don’t eat a lot of potatoes and rice.  I don’t avoid it altogether but I don’t eat a lot.  My diet centers around low glycemic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils and a small amount of whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, oats and buckwheat.  I don’t eat bread, gluten, or processed grains.

I always have plenty of great food to eat and never go hungry.  Although my diet does involve food prep and some cooking, anything worthwhile does take some effort.  So many people get lazy when it comes to food.  This is why “fast food” is so popular, even though it is so unhealthy.

We can learn how to simplify our diets and still be super healthy.  Grabbing an apple and a handful of raw nuts or some nutbutter is a fast food snack that takes no time at all.  Pre chopping a medley of vegetables and keeping them in a sealed container in the fridge can make throwing together a salad or stir fry very fast.  My breakfast cereal (I talk about below,) takes all of five minutes to throw together.

I start my day with barley green juice, which is loaded with chlorophyll and minerals.  I use an organic powder and make up a batch the night before to drink the next day.  I’ve been drinking a mason jar of barley grass juice a day.  This way I know I am getting high quality greens.

My breakfast is either a half cup of steel cut oatmeal, or half cup of soaked and dehydrated buckwheat.  I top it with a half cup of wild blueberries, a quarter cup of hemp seeds, a tablespoon of chia seeds, a handful of walnuts or almonds, soaked and dehydrated, a little xylitol for sweetner, and I top it off with home made coconut milk.  (I take a cup of coconut flakes and a mason jar of filtered water and blend in the Blendtech, and strain through a nutmilk bag.)   I also use this coconut milk in my coffee.  I still drink a bit of organic, water processed, decaf coffee in the morning with a quarter to a half coconut milk.

There are several different camps when it comes to a plant based lifestyle.  I don’t feel it matters much, which camp you are in, just jump on board and join the thriving community of plant based eaters who are actively doing something about the problems of environment, animal cruelty and health by simply making different choices about what to put in their body.


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