Organic Food Suppliers Sell Out

I recently received an email directing me to Dr. Mercola’s latest blog post having to do with a new relationship between Monsanto and some Organic Food Companies. I am anti GMO and do everything within my power to assure that I don’t eat Genetically Modified foods. However it seems that with false labeling practices and weakening integrity amongst some organic food companies and markets it will become more and more difficult to know just what we are eating.–major-betrayal-of-organic-movement.aspx

I am sharing information like this with you because I believe it is extremely important that we all become educated about our food supply and the choices we make with our pocketbook. We can make a difference with our actions.

We Are The Heart of the World

As I lay awake last night, something I do a lot lately, I thought about how we all get so wrapped up in our own lives and on days like Valentines day our thoughts usually go to having that special someone to focus on. If we are in a good relationship we might look forward to romantic dinners out, flowers, chocolates and the like. If we are in a bad relationship we may dread this day, knowing you can’t squeeze romance out of a cold relationship. And then there are those who have recently broke up with someone or are not in a relationship who may be thinking about how nice it would be to have someone to share special days like this with.

With all the chaos going on with our Planet, Mother Earth, the birds falling from the skies, bats dying by the millions, bees dying, and fish washing up on the shore I thought that it would be great if we could all focus our loving energy on the healing of our beloved planet this Valentines day. If we could say a prayer for the Mother who supports our life and give thanks for clean air, fresh water and high quality food; things we often take for granted but that are necessary for our survival.

The world is so much bigger than our small selves and our small problems. Even though when we are in the midst of personal crisis our problems seem overwhelming, perhaps turning our focus to the bigger picture may help make our own trials seem smaller. Although I am one to believe change begins at home, with our own thoughts, deeds and actions, there is something very powerful about thousands of people gathering in thought and prayer to send their love and light to the planet in her time of great need. Without her, none of us will survive.

If you will, please join me in this prayer. Say it out loud if it feels comfortable.

Dear God, Goddess, Great Spirit,

We stand before you today, your children and give thanks for all you have given us; our food, our water, our air, the beautiful flowers, trees, plants and creatures. We give thanks for our life and even though our life may not always seem joyful or abundant, we acknowledge the great gift that we are given. We are born here, at this time, this age, to realize our greatness as human beings. We are born here to bring the light of our own divine spirit to assist in the great shift of consciousness on the planet.

As an individual I realize that my life is important. My life matters! I am part of the whole and the brighter I allow my own inner light to shine, the more I assist with the transformation of this planet. Therefore I commit myself to being the greatest light I can possibly be. Being that light, that love is my greatest purpose and I shall allow no man, woman or entity to dim my light.

I commit to being part of the healing of the planet rather than its downfall. I commit to aligning with like minded others who have the welfare of the planet and its people at heart. I commit to doing my part in creating a better world by utilizing my unique talents and gifts for the betterment of humanity. I commit to becoming more human.

I ask for courage and strength to be who I have come here to be. I ask that I can forgive those who have, out of their own woundedness and self protection, harmed me and treated me carelessly. And I ask for forgiveness from all who, out of my own pain, have harmed.

I see a world that is healed, thriving and abundant with love, light and harmonious connection between all beings. I see a world abundant with fresh air, clean water and healthful, nutrient rich food. I see a world where all people are cared for and provided for. I know that much change needs to happen on this planet and I commit to being part of that change by first being willing to change myself for the better.

On this day I send the world my love and my light as I hold the vision of healing for humanity. I thank you for the opportunity to be here during this powerful time of transformation on the planet and to hold the light for others who are lost in darkness and pain. I acknowledge there is no glory in losing myself to that darkness in order to help another but instead vow to be the light and allow those who are ready, willing and able to find their own way.

Happy Valentines Day to the World. We love you!

A Prophet in my Living Room

Being that I am taking a lot of down time I’m really excited that there is so much education available to us via the Internet. I’m a huge student of spirituality and healing and love to absorb all the latest info that I can. So I find this new video dialogue format really cool.

The Prophets Conference is putting on this “Evolvers Intensives” where you can sit back in your own living room and watch, listen and learn from the experts of the world on spiritual evolution. I invite you to check it out here…