Happy Easter

This is a powerful time of death, gestation and rebirth or resurrection.

As one experiences the energy of death it sets them on a path through darkness where often it seems there is very little hope. The theme of Easter shows that rebirth of the new always follows the death of the old. As you let go of what is no longer working in your life you can begin to embrace what wants to be born or resurrected. Sometimes it is our own hearts and souls that are polished through the tunnel of darkness and when we finally see the light again it is great cause for celebration.

So I would like to take a moment today and wish for you your own personal rebirth into a new life of love, peace and serenity. May you walk with purpose and in your power! May you live in love and forgiveness! And may the light guide you home to your soul’s highest expression.

God Bless!


The Journey of Healing

Photo by John Hendel
The beautiful sunset in Abadiania, Brazil
I would like to say there have been big shifts and changes while here in Abadiania. I’ve been here for about six weeks now and the shifts have been subtle. For me, no miraculous healings but the healing is and has been in process since before I ever came to Abadiania.

When I first arrived I thought I would continue to see clients, via Skype but the Kibosh was put on this plan right away. It was as if the healing entities that work through John of God were saying “daughter, it is time for you to focus on your own healing journey.” So I listened and it has been really incredible.

When I emerge from this journey I know I will have so much more to give. Even though the shift is subtle it feels as if I am slowly being lifted to a higher place and from that higher perspective I can, in turn, assist others in going to their own higher place.

We just visited with our neighbor, a woman who works at the Casa of John of God who was healed of Cancer. She has only one arm. It was no accident we are neighbors because every day I remember to thank God for my arms. Those of you who have been following my journey, both my arms were greatly affected by the Lyme Disease. At the time I first received treatment for Lyme I could barely lift my arms at all. This last week I had a breakthrough and was able to lift my left arm all the way up. My right only goes up about half way but is in progress. I know in my heart that my arms will regain their full function, but this is my process and it will take time.

All of us are on a healing journey of some kind. While visiting with my neighbor she said that John of God doesn’t heal us on a physical level. It is our core issues that create the physical, mental or emotional illness that are addressed. The other thing she said that I felt was quite profound was that we all have the same three issues at the core of our healing.

To love ourselves
To trust ourselves
To have faith in ourselves and our own divinity.

I realized as she spoke these words that she was absolutely right on. These three things are also at the root of healing from narcissistic abuse. If we all could truly love ourselves, trust ourselves and have faith in ourselves and our own divinity, nobody outside of ourselves would have the power to take us down.

Constantly I remind those who are suffering from narcissistic abuse that the narcissist brings you a valuable gift. Granted it doesn’t feel valuable at the time. But healing from this kind of abuse absolutely requires self love. It also requires self-trust. When you doubt that you are lovable others have the power to manipulate you. When you don’t have faith that you are worthy and that you are a part of God, then you can easily give the power to the “all knowing” narcissist to determine your worth and value.

The process of learning to love and trust in self is no small feat. But if this is your intention and you are willing to invest the energy in your own personal and spiritual growth, then you can’t fail. Miracles happen when we are ready to receive those miracles. I’ve noticed far too many people who want to be healed who are not willing to do the work. These are the people who want the “healer” to do it for them without any investment of energy. These are the people who will continue to be stuck in their issues. The entities who work through John of God have performed thousands of what we might call “miracle healings.” People have had their canes or wheelchairs thrown across the room as they are told to walk. And they do! But these instant miracles aren’t meant for all of us. Because if we were instantly cured of whatever our affliction is, we would be robbed the opportunity to learn through our affliction!

If you drew the narcissist into your life, on a spiritual level, to show you where you are not loving yourself, and your pain was immediately taken from you, then you would just go right out and draw another one in. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and our purpose is to grow and evolve spiritually while living as humans. When you come out of a narcissistic relationship your job is not to figure out how to get the narcissist to heal and grow. The growth of our loved ones is not our business. Our business is our own growth. If you are asking how to heal your loved one so that you can be happy, you are asking the wrong question. The true question is “how do I heal myself so that I can be happy?”

If your goal is peace and happiness and you are in a relationship where you are constantly being undermined, accused, and judged, then somewhere on your journey you will create a circumstance where that person leaves your life or has much less involvement in your life. As you heal and grow you raise your energetic vibration and the higher you vibrate energetically the less you are able to stay in close connection with someone who is vibrating at a much lower level. I don’t say this for ammunition to judge a loved one or tell them they are vibrating much lower than you. I say this for understanding so perhaps you don’t judge yourself so harshly as you are slowly being lifted to a higher level where much more peace and happiness is possible for you.

In my own journey, once I recovered from two narcissistic relationships I attracted Lyme Disease into my life. It was the next stage of my spiritual evolution. Some might say “you were bitten by a tick, what control do you have over that?” The law of attraction is sometimes difficult to understand as it has so many variables but it is a proven science. As spiritual beings we attract into our life circumstances and situations that facilitate our growth. It was time for me to go the next level and I needed something beyond narcissism to inspire this journey.

Contracting Lyme was a great way for me to look at my own faith in myself and my own healing. I never doubted that I would heal! I didn’t know what I had or how I would heal it. I only knew that I would. I didn’t go into victim-hood around my disease. I didn’t say “woe is me, I have this illness and it’s crippling me.” I believed in my own healing and so I attracted a way in which to be healed. I consider myself fortunate that I didn’t attract a more difficult journey. And I believe that counting your blessings no matter what life hands you is important. Because there are always people far worse off than you are.

I just heard a story where a woman went up to John of God and asked him to heal her physical illness. He said to her “I could heal your body but if you don’t heal your heart then you will just create another illness.” Perhaps the woman’s heart had been closed off to love and this was creating her illness. When our heart is closed to love we can’t love ourselves or others. We deny ourselves the beauty of loving and the energy that love brings us.

Perhaps a higher perspective for some who have been through narcissistic abuse might be “my heart was broken open so that it may contain greater love and through the process of loving myself I attract more and more authentic love into my life.”

Love and healing awaits those who are truly open to it!

Blessings to you!