Learning the Lessons, Living in the Light

If you haven’t noticed lately, things are rapidly shifting on our planet. Everything is changing and fast. We are in a period of “letting go” and releasing what no longer works in our lives. We are in a time of shedding those old skins and also those old dysfunctional patterns that no longer serve the person we are becoming.

In my own life I have had to let go of literally everything in my outer life. When I say “outer life” I mean homes, possessions, pets, and relationships. It would be easy for me to say that I’ve lost everything. But the truth is I am finding the most important thing I could possibly find…myself. I have not lost myself. On the contrary. When all distractions are removed we move closer and closer to ourselves and our own connection with the divine source of all life, many of us call God.

When we try and hold on to what is not serving us, or not working in our lives we create unnecessary struggle. We may find that by holding on, and resisting the flow of life that we create disease, depression, and unhappiness. This is because we are resisting the flow and our energy becomes stagnant.

It is my belief that we are all moving towards enlightenment. But not everyone is actively working on themselves. Have you noticed? To actively work on yourself you must be willing to look at your own shadow and take responsibility for what is being created in your reality. If you are committed to working on yourself and you are with a partner who avoids looking at himself/herself like the plague, you are in a dead end relationship. Lets face it! There is zero compatibility between one who is actively pursuing enlightenment, personal awareness, or personal and spiritual growth, and one who is not. We can’t do the work for others. Our job is to work on ourselves. We can inspire others through our own growth and by letting our own inner light shine brightly. But we can’t really help others to change. Especially if those we are trying to help don’t see that there is anything that needs changing.

I often hear “but I really love that person.” It is perfectly O.K. For you to love that person. But it is important to reflect on your true motivations for staying in a relationship. Is it really love? Or is it dependency or some kind of need being met that keeps you cycling in a familiar old pattern?

Those old patterns need to be healed now. We are doing our last dance with old familiar patterns. It’s time to release them. Its time to move beyond them. Its time to really learn the lessons we have been, up until now, resisting so that we can move forward into our highest expression of self.

It hurts to let go of those we have built our life around, I know. But we can’t allow pain to stop us from moving forward in our life. Pain is a part of life. Have you noticed? We must be willing to embrace the pain, feel it, let it go and move forward. You will only feel stuck in the pain if you are still in resistance. If you resist the pain, for example, it will persist. You can’t “get rid of pain.” That would be trying to control it. But if you allow yourself to fully experience and express the pain, it will lessen more and more and be replaced with more and more joy. It is a process that can’t be resisted if you are to learn and grow.

It is also very important to have your eye on the future, and although it is normal and healthy to process through the emotions of your past, without a vision for your future you might find yourself living in the past. You need to develop a plan for where you are going. That plan may be purely spiritual. “I’m heading for the highest realization of myself.” Or it may be about healing those past wounds so that you can upgrade to the next level in your life and attract a relationship of higher vibration.

Ironically with narcissistic relationships you are attracting a lower vibration and the result is your vibration lowers to dance with that person. To live in that lower vibration is not only uncomfortable but very painful. Because it is not your natural state. You have worked hard to get to where you are and to compromise yourself or fall asleep in the illusion is to betray your own spirit.

It is time now to let go of everything that has been holding you back. Let it all go! Release it! Step into your true divinity. Know who you are. Live in the light of your own being. Join with others who are sincerely living in the light or working towards it. Learn to trust your intuition and follow its guidance. It will tell you when something just isn’t right. You have to trust that.

Things are rapidly shifting and you are shifting along with it. It is a good shift. But it will rock your world. It may turn your world upside down. It is important not to judge what is happening as good or bad. It is what it is. Allow! Trust the process. Align your energy with God, source, or whatever you call that divinity that guides your life. Unplug from those who drain you and plug in to this divinity. Let go of fear. Have faith. You will be transported to somewhere beautiful, within yourself. And when you find yourself in this place you will realize that no matter what changes around you, there is a serenity in knowing yourself and your own connection with the divine.

Founder of Sedona Talk Radio Takes Flight

Last week I lost a very good friend Daniel Stief, the founder of Sedona Talk Radio. Daniel and I have worked together quite a bit and have done many radio shows together. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time with him last month while in Arizona.

I know that Daniel continues his journey in another dimension, another realm and I wish him farewell and much happiness wherever he finds himself.

Goodbye Daniel. You will be missed!


My Lithomacy Reading with Gary Wimmer

Visions of the futureI don’t get a lot of psychic readings these days because I feel it is really important to go within and learn to trust in ourselves and our own intuitive knowing. But sometimes when going through transition in my life it is nice to get a reading and see how my life turns up in the cards or the stones or whatever method is being used.

Recently I felt very strongly that I needed to get a reading. For those of you who have been following my story, I left my whole life behind in late February and went to Brazil to focus on my healing from Lyme Disease. I ended up coming back without my husband and now I’m ending my six year marriage. So in the past year my son graduated and moved out, I gave away my cats, my dogs, put all my possessions in storage, gave up my home and finally gave up my husband. I find myself empty, alone and wondering what is next for me.

I interviewed Gary Wimmer sometime last year and he gave me a reading in exchange for the interview. He does a unique method called Lithomacy which uses stones dropped inside a circle to form a map for the next ninety days.

When I thought about who I would call for a reading, Gary came to mind. I gave him a call right away and he answered the phone, so I was able to set up an appointment that day. When Gary began the reading he immediately started talking about relationship issues and matters of the heart, which was my biggest struggle at the time with my marriage ending.

The ending of my marriage was a bit of a shock to me as I came back from Brazil with the idea that my husband would be coming back in two months to join me. He wasn’t complete with his spiritual healing journey with John of God and so I agreed to support him to stay another two months. I kissed him goodbye at the airport, he called to be sure I landed safely and I never heard from him again. After a month I tracked him down through an old neighbor. For me it was a month of hell wondering why he wasn’t calling or responding to my emails. I knew he was O.K. because a mutual friend emailed me and told me she talked to him while she was there and all was great with him. But all was not great with me. I suffered horribly waiting and wondering. When I had last talked to him he was supposed to be calling me in a couple days. But he didn’t. When I finally did talk to him he told me he was giving me space and time alone because he thought it would be good for me. That was really nice of him, but my space and time alone was invested in wondering why the hay I wasn’t hearing from him and grieving the loss of him in my life. I realized I had gone through way too much in my life to do this dance so I ended the relationship. Fortunately for me I wasn’t legally married so it was just over.

It was interesting how the stones gave me away. Gary immediately started talking about the relationship and how I have gone through quite a lot of change recently. “NO kidding!” But he painted this change in such a positive light that it really helped me to look forward to my future. He really saw that this was a positive change and would bring great things into my life. It was as if I had to let go of everything and leap into the void of nothingness in order to go through the huge transformation and rebirth that I was currently experiencing in my life. I was going the next level and I couldn’t bring anything of my past with me. I had to let it all go!

Gary explained to me how I invested a lot of really good energy into my relationship and that good energy would come back to me really quickly. It was as if I had accumulated a lot of positive karma in this relationship and I would get to experience the rewards of it in my future. It was as if all the love I had given would be coming back to me, but not necessarily through the person I had given it to. He wasn’t in a place to truly receive what I had to offer and so the universe moved him out of my life and opened my life up so that I could experience greater love.

I was on such a rapid accelerated path that everything was changing so quickly. My time in Brazil now seems like ages ago. Since that time I have re-created my life, found a new community to establish myself in and have met lots of new wonderful friends. Even though I am grieving the loss of my past, I embrace the future. I know it is unfolding divinely and I really look forward to it.

Gary also said that this process I am going through will really take my business to the next level. He said sometimes we have to experience things first hand to understand them at a deep enough level to truly help others. I knew this from my journey through narcissistic abuse and recovery. I had to go through it in order to understand it. Now I am going through this accelerated path of awakening and I know I am not alone. I know so many of you are on this path as well.

The most helpful thing I was told was that my recovery from the loss of my marriage would be rapid as well. He saw me in a place of full empowerment within two months and said most of the feelings I was processing through right now would be cleared out in a matter of weeks. I didn’t have to do the long grief process that often extended into years because I would see that this was all divine right action. It was all for my highest good!

When the reading was over I felt positive and hopeful about my future. I was truly ready to get on with my life. I was ready to embrace the lessons that were on my plate, let go of what was no longer serving me in my life and move into a life full of love, openness, honesty, passion, compassion, self expression and ultimately self realization.

The path back to self is often rocky and can have some pretty rough road blocks. But if we can see it from a higher perspective we can keep walking with faith and courage, knowing that the rewards are truly worth the journey. The rewards of walking this path involve our highest expression of self, our greatest joy and deepest understanding of our own true nature.

If you are ready to have a glimpse into your next ninety days, I would highly recommend getting a reading from Gary. He can do the reading easily over the phone and his prices are very reasonable.

You can contact Gary through his Website at: http://www.garywimmer.com/psychic/index.html