The Happiest Guy I Know

Brent Anthony Stevens and His Painted Tiger
When I was at the Fall Equinox Event in Sandpoint, Idaho I met a beautiful, serene looking young man who walked with a sense of inner joy and peace. Since it is my personal quest to find that same sense of joy and peace within myself I was naturally drawn into conversation with him. This was a man who carried no fears of sharing himself, who he was and where he had come from. In my experience it is one who is that open and honest with himself who has the capacity to truly offer love and intimacy to another. Here stood a man who, in his twenty seven years, had more of a sense of himself than most men I have ever known. That sparked my interest in learning more.

Brent Anthony Stevens shared with me his story. Only ten years before he was a depressed, three hundred pound man who had no passion for living and wondered why any woman would ever be interested in him. He is now a healthy, slender, happy man who has chosen celibacy over entering into empty, unfulfilling relationships with women who have not yet discovered their own inner light. Brent says he doesn’t mind waiting, because he is not looking for anything outside of himself to fill an empty place inside of him. He is already full and when he looks into the eyes of a woman who can look at him with the same love that he looks at her, he will have found his soulmate.

To Brent the definition of “soulmate” is a rather simple one. His soulmate is someone who is capable of loving at the same level as he is. How many of us base our soulmate fantasies on some kind of temporary intense passion that has nothing to do with ones capacity for love. That capacity for love comes from within and one must take that deep, inward journey in order to discover himself or herself enough to have anything of any genuine substance to offer. Brent, at his young age, realizes this. Some of us are beginning to realize it and others never will. Yet how many of us, in our quest for love settle for someone who is still projecting all of his or her inner demons outward? How many of us are still doing this ourselves? When one is unable to look deeply within and know himself or herself there is little chance for authentic love. If one is looking for someone else to bring love to him he will never find it. Love is not something we give to each other. It is something we share with each other, from within ourselves.

At the Fall Equinox event I found myself telling Brent that I wanted to interview him. I wanted to use him as an example for a truly evolving man. In my desire to bring him on the show, I met with Brent again at the Coffee House where he works in Sandpoint, Idaho to find out more about this man. He says his friends often refer to him as the happiest guy they know. He walks with the intention of sharing his inner light with everyone who meets his gaze. What better life purpose than that?

I would love to invite you to join me as I interview Brent Tuesday, November 1st, at 4pm PST on my radio show Dispelling The Myths. Let’s see if we can discover what Brent believes is the key to living a happy, joy filled life.

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Evolving Men on Dispelling the Myths

Tuesday October 25th is the re launch of my radio show “Dispelling the Myths.” As I was going through the bio’s and requests for interviews that I had in my “prospect folder” I noticed that most of the requests were from men who had been through life changing transformations. I also met a couple men personally who had undergone major transformation that I felt inspired to interview and so I decided to bring forth a six week series I am calling “Evolving Men.”

My first guest is Astrologer Jon Waldrup who recently did my personal astrology chart. It was an amazing experience! I didn’t know my exact time of birth because I had gone through an adoption from my stepfather when I was young and the birth records were altered at that time. Jon took me through a series of questioning that pin pointed a “time of birth” which he was able to use to produce my chart. After putting much care and attention into my chart he did my reading, over the phone and provided a recording so that I could revisit it at any time. The insights gained through the reading were very powerful and I feel more hopeful as a result. I am looking forward to bringing Jon onto the show.

We will be talking about several things which will include a preview into my chart, a bit about Jon’s personal transformation that led him to discover and nurture his passion for astrology, and some astrological predictions about where we are now and where we are headed in the next year leading up to the much talked about December 21, 2012 date.
Please join us if you can. We will be meeting at 4pm Pacific time, 7pm Eastern time on Tuesday, October 25th. If you are unable to make the live show it will be available shortly after the show ends in the archives at my Blog Talk Radio page.

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Another thing I would like to mention is that the creator of Sedona Talk Radio, my close friend Daniel Stief passed away this past July and Sedona Talk Radio is now being managed by Linda Patrick, another friend whom I met while living in Sedona. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Linda for her efforts in keeping Sedona Talk Radio alive and growing.

Catapulting Out of the Dark

Recently I had my astrological chart done and gained some incredible insights about my own souls journey. The most important insight was that everything I had gone through up until this time was a necessary part of my journey. The painful relationships, eating disorders, near death experience and the initiations that I call the Dark Night of the Soul. Those initiations were actually part of my reading. The good news is I have reached a point of completion with the more challenging aspects of my souls journey and according to astrologist, Jon Waldrup, it just gets better from here. Big sigh of relief!

My friend Laurilee reminded me how, in the past, I have talked about holing up in a cabin in some remote area with few distractions and writing my next book. Now that I open my eyes and see where life has delivered me I realize I am in my own cabin with all knotty pine walls, in a remote area, with limited distractions. It is easy for me to see now how strongly I have been guided. My most recent dark night experience was not merely the loss of another relationship. But it was a death experience that led me to the depth of my own soul once again so that I could catapult to the next level of my souls journey. In fact Jon told me that I would not be slowly crawling out of this experience like I did the last time. This time I would be skyrocketing. As fast as I plummeted down to the depths of despair I would be rising up to heights unlike anything I have ever experienced.

The higher aspect of me, the one that is not rooted in ego, knew that I was taken out of my relationship and my former life because it no longer suited me. There was something else waiting for me that was much more in alignment with who I am now and who I am becoming. My ego self was stuck in analyzing my painful reality rather than accepting the awareness that I was being lifted to a higher level. Often there is great pain with birth and we forget that we must labor through that process. I know I did. It was like finding myself in the delivery room again saying “Oh man I forgot how much this hurts!” But I also remember the beautiful new life that emerges as a result of that laboring. It has a purpose.

Although I have settled into my new life I am not yet ready to write my book. I started it three times and each time realized that where I am now is not where I was when I started the book. Perhaps my many starts and stops are merely journals of my progression and will serve a purpose one day. I know when I am truly ready I will start and won’t be able to stop. All in due time.

Meanwhile I am excited to be re-launching my radio show. I am starting off on October 25th with a new friend and astrologer Jon Waldrup. We will be talking about the insights one can gain from having their chart read, talk a little about what I have learned about myself as a result of my reading and we will also look at where we are currently and where we are headed as we reach the December 21st 2012 date. In fact Jon has another significant date that is coming up December 24th 2011 he would like to talk about. So tune in on October 25th. It will be a great interview.

Avoiding Toxic Relationships

I’ve been enjoying listening to Scott and Shannon Peck because they bring so much wisdom to the search for healthy, happy, soul filled love. We often mistake toxic relationships for soulmate love because of our addictions to being validated by someone who is invalidating. I’ve not been one to tout the whole soulmate fantasy. I’ve believed this fantasy to be unrealistic. But Scott and Shannon have a different view based on truly finding your equal. However if you don’t really love yourself and realize how truly loveable you are you may settle for much less than what you are worth.

Sometimes I think we get too caught up in feeling there is something wrong with us and that we are the dysfunctional ones because we keep attracting dysfunctional relationships. We may be much healthier than we believe we are. We might simply believe that we can’t do any better than what we have. We may find ourselves attracted to dysfunction because it is all we know. What would happen if we truly had a vision of a healthy, committed relationship where both partners have an open heart and the ability to communicate openly and honestly without games, without blame and with full responsibility for their part in the relationship? Do you believe? Obviously the Pecks do.