Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

Back in October I had an astrological reading by my friend Jon Waldrup that shed some amazing light on my life path. Jon said there was a name for what I did but he couldn’t think of it just then. Later I received a message from him. “The word I was looking for was “Psychopomp.” I found it interesting the word had “psycho” in it, but when I researched the word “Psychopomp” I saw that it was a type of shaman that helped souls transition from this life to the next. Jon told me I was a midwife for souls who were dying to be reborn. It wasn’t a physical death I was helping people navigate but rather a spiritual awakening; a death, rebirth process.

Any shaman must go through rigorous initiations in order to earn the title. One doesn’t just take a course in shamanism and expect to know how to navigate through the darkness. One must have successfully navigated through his or her own darkness and gained the insights from that journey. I had undergone three dark nights of the soul, which I have begun to refer to as my initiations.

It takes a very strong and courageous person to navigate through a dark night of the soul. If you have been chosen for this experience know it is not because you are weak but because you are strong enough. Those who are not strong enough would not be standing at this doorway. They would still be relying on old coping mechanisms, behaviors, addictions and ways to escape the feeling world. When we spend our lives living in our heads we can completely disconnect from our emotional reality and never really feel what is going on in our emotional body.

The crash after a narcissistic relationship most often shatters our ego illusions and brings us to deaths doorway, so to speak. Most people who find themselves at this juncture in life are frightened, panicked, overwhelmed with emotion, and in the deepest pain of their adult life. I say adult life because this pain is most likely trapped pain from a much earlier time that is being brought to the surface of ones awareness. Because this pain has been suppressed we have had to suppress half of who we are just to live in such denial. You may have felt you were never really living and then you met “The Catalyst!” The catalyst is somewhat like sleeping beauty’s prince who comes into her world and awakens her from a deep sleep. At first the kiss is sweet but soon it turns sour as the reality sets in. This catalyst will certainly rock your world, but not in the way you would have hoped for. Sometimes our world has to be shattered in order for it to be put back together again in a way where you are truly living the life you have come here to live.

It is our soul that guides us into the “Dark Night” because it is guiding you to your true self. It is time to wake up and live the life you have come here to live. Not half a life, but a whole one. When we continue to ignore the signs year after year that tells us we are not living up to our full potential we often need a two-by-four over the head to wake us up. So consider the “dark night” as the two-by-four. If you learn to understand the dark night and work with it you will find yourself on a bittersweet journey that you will never forget. It will bring to light your worse fears and your greatest hopes. Ultimately it will bring about your rebirth.

Please join me on “Pandora’s Box” as I delve deeper into this topic of the dark night so that you can understand more about the journey you may find yourself on. I am opening the phone lines for questions the last part of the show so please feel encouraged to call in. Show information is below.

Tuesday January 31st at 4pm PST on Pandora’s Box with Kaleah: Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

In this week’s episode of Pandora’s Box we are going to talk about the journey through the dark night of the soul. When your Pandora’s Box has been opened a Dark Night is sure to follow as you feel some of the most intense emotional pain of your life. We are going to talk about what the dark night is and how we can learn to navigate through it. Like a ship at sea we need a compass and a sense of direction even when there really is no sense of direction through a journey like this. Learn tools to help you get through an intense emotional period that comes with loss of self or identity, loss of a significant other or loss of a sense of direction in life.

If you have a question or comment I invite you to call in during the last part of the live show. (347) 826-9626.

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Pandora’s Box with Kaleah,Tuesday January 24th , 4pm PST:

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If you have a question or comment I invite you to call in during the last part of the live show. (347) 826-9626.