Shift is Happening

Has August been a rough month for you? It may not be as personal as you think. I know for myself the stuff I have been struggling with seemed much more “in my face” this month and I too felt it was just me until I realized from many different sources that this is a rough time for everyone. We are moving toward a global shift in consciousness that according to astrologers has to do with the Galactic Alignment coming up on December 21st, 2012.

I received a newsletter from a friend Aluna Joy from Sedona who leads “Spiritual Journeys” to different sacred places around the globe and this is what she said:

What is challenging you in YOUR personal life is not what you think it is! This is HUGE and DEEP and encompasses our history, past lives and the entire collective. My email box is FULL with people on the edge… hanging on by their finger nails!!! Relationships issues are UP big time! Health issues as well. Physical balance is more like we are walking on water (magnetic shifts maybe?) Some say it feels like life is simply unraveling… and for the last week or so we can’t blame solar flares either! The Star Elders said August was going to be a “cooker”… but Holy Moly this is NUTS! No stone will be left unturned… all closets will be cleaned out. This is it! No turning back now. You are in the shift!

Ok some of you may not believe in past lives, have no idea what the “galactic alignment” is and wonder what a solar flare is. These are very metaphysical terms; nevertheless people are being affected by this shift. My brother who is a biblical researcher, as well as an airline pilot, agrees this is a difficult time for humanity and tells me that scripture has warned us of these times. Continue reading Shift is Happening

The Addiction

by Porter Cochran

(I’m going to start including some stories from readers about their experiences on my blog under the heading of “abuse stories. This is a story from Porter Cochran.)

I made the choice to finally leave my nightmare relationship on July 31, 2010. This is my story that I want to share with you in hopes that it will help you recover from a Narcissistic relationship. I was in the relationship for 8 years, married the majority of these years. This was not just a relationship; I was married to this man, committing myself, my life, my soul, my everything to him. Continue reading The Addiction

Facing Loneliness

Just got back from a trip to a remote area where one can only get there by boat or plane. The solitude was delicious.

People often ask me about loneliness. What do you do about the loneliness? Well loneliness is my travel companion.

I don’t let being alone stop me from going where I want to go and doing what I want to do but like many of you, I am often surrounded by families and couples walking hand in hand and my sadness erupts from deep within. I ask the same question many of you ask “will I ever find someone special in my life who truly cares about me and who I can depend on to really be there for me?” The answer I get from the great guru within is “when you really learn to be alone.”

I’ve lived on my own many times throughout my life but had so many distractions and friends that I never really faced this deep aching loneliness I am facing in my life now. I believe our addictions in life serve a powerful purpose. To distract us from our deepest feelings. Continue reading Facing Loneliness

Going Out of my Mind

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, the time slowly passes by and I am stuck in my mind, regurgitating old stories, going over details of what went wrong, trying to figure out what I missed, seeking a solution so that it will finally all click into place and I will be free. Sound familiar? Welcome to the insanity of getting stuck in the mind.

I had a really great therapist who taught me how being stuck in the mind is actually an addiction. I’ve heard of a lot of addictions before but thinking? Anything that actually distracts us from what we are feeling is an addiction. How do you tolerate the loneliness, the emptiness, and the despair in your life? Do you try and think it away? Do you seek a mental solution to an emotional issue? I sure did. I didn’t brilliantly develop all my resources on narcissistic abuse by hanging out in my emotions. I did it by seeking mental understanding. I have great resources that give a mental understanding on narcissistic abuse and the accompanying challenges, but this past year my focus has shifted to going out of my mind and into my feelings. This is why you may have noticed I’m all about the feelings now. You’ve got to feel your way through life, not think your way through.

Thinking is great to solve computer issues and map out a trip. It is great to resolve problems in the work environment and put together a puzzle or play chess. But our underlying emotional issues can never be addressed through thought. They are more likely to be addressed by learning to stop thinking and start feeling. Continue reading Going Out of my Mind