The Mirror Effect

If you have studied personal or spiritual growth you have likely heard about the law of attraction and also “The Mirror Effect.” The law of attraction tells us we create the circumstances of our lives based on different internal factors such as what we believe, what we feel and where we are energetically. The Mirror Effect tells us that our relationships and circumstances in life are reflecting to us our beliefs, feelings or energetic vibrations. If we are unsatisfied with our relationships or circumstances in life it might be beneficial to look more closely at these reflections and see what they are showing us.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah delves deeply into the topic of “The Mirror Effect” to help you explore what is in your “shadow” that might be attracting the unpleasant life circumstances you are struggling with. Understanding the mirror can help you to know yourself on greater levels and know where you need to grow.

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Healing The Shadow with Ross Bishop

Tuesday September 11th 4pm PST

I will be interviewing Ross Bishop, author of “Healing the Shadow.” Healing The Shadow is about helping people heal their inner woundedness and step into the light. It brings into a modern context, thousands of years of shamanic healing practice.

You can go to the link below to listen live:

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Life Ain’t What Ya Think!
by Ross Bishop

So you’re doing your life, working hard, being a good partner, raising your kids and being a loving friend. Someday the kids will leave home, you’ll retire – and other than grandchildren, what will you have? What will your life have really been about?

You may not realize it, but while struggling to hold your life together your trials and tribulations were part of a larger process involving the development of your soul. And if you understand a little of how that process works it might make your life today a little easier.

To help children grow and learn we create safe and nurturing environments for them. We go to great lengths to devise places that are both physically and emotionally safe. We create literal and figurative sandboxes. In those environments, children can learn the basics of life with little risk. They learn about themselves and how to deal with others. Empires in sandboxes are acquired and lost, toys are shared or not and no one really gets hurt. In the sandbox nothing is permanent. Tomorrow is always another day.

In much the same way, the Creator has made a great sandbox for you called “life.” In this sandbox you will be given opportunity after opportunity to work out the dilemmas presented by your fears without eternal consequence. We inject a lofty importance to the events of life because they import significant to a universe that has laws but no values. But the events of life have little ultimate meaning. All the fights, wars, joys, stresses, illnesses and other things important to you will disappear when you pass. All you believe will also slip away. Those who come after you will sweep aside what you were and what you believed. Your money and fame will dissipate. If you were really famous they might build a statue or name a school after you, but that’s about it. Just like the play of children in a sandbox, nothing on earth is eternal with a single notable exception – the development of your soul. Continue reading Healing The Shadow with Ross Bishop

Being Authentic Part Two with Kaleah and Anah Maa

Last month Anah Maa and I dug deeply into the trenches of what it means to be authentic, true to yourself, what you feel, and what you want in life.

This month we will dig even deeper or as is said “go even deeper into the rabbit hole” to discover the truth about who you are and the depth of the inner journey often required to get there.

Becoming authentic isn’t necessarily an easy process. It can be one of the most difficult journeys of your life; because facing the truth about who you are also requires facing the lies.

Since Anah is currently in Ireland we pre-taped the show and it is now available to listen Online: