Ending Narcissism on a Massive Scale

Watch the Movie Thrive!

This film is very insightful introducing what it would take for the human race to thrive, not just survive. What would happen if we already had the cure to cancer, alternative FREE energy, and a way for our civilization to live in health and abundance upon the planet? What if we already had achieved a way to create a thriving civilization only this information is being intentionally withheld from us by the power mongers whose mission it is to control the world, its people and resources? In this film you will learn about the narcissistic forces who are controlling our quality of life and what we can do about it. This is a film, not to be missed so be sure to watch it right away before it disappears.

Forgiving the Unforgivable with Lori Rubenstein

Tuesday November 20th, 2012, 4pm PST: Forgiving the Unforgivable with Lori Rubenstein

In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah talks with friend and author Lori Rubenstein on the topic of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a topic that is uncomfortable for many who are suffering an extreme injustice at the hands of another. How do you get to a point of letting go so that YOU can move on? Lori will share some powerful insights and inspiration on how you can get to a place of peace within yourself, regardless of what was done to YOU.

Lori recently released a new book titled “Forgiveness: Heal your past and find the peace YOU deserve.”

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Gratitude on the Edge of Transformation

As we move into the last two months of 2012 I’m taking advantage of this powerful astrological time to make some powerful changes and bring you some phenomenal new insight to help you heal and recover your soul, heal the wounded heart and get your life energy back.

One thing I would like to leave you with as you gear up for Thanksgiving, is the idea that Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be what society has deemed it to be. It really isn’t all about Turkey Dinner and Pumpkin Pie. Thanksgiving is about “Giving Thanks!”

I remember talking to a woman last Thanksgiving who said she normally spends Thanksgiving in seclusion fasting and praying. I thought this was so beautiful. She didn’t feel she was “missing out” of the opportunity to stuff herself to the gills with heavy food and hang around others where the focus is on food, drink and maybe a football game.

Perhaps now is a good time to rethink “tradition” and create something that is uniquely you. Instead of feeling left out because you’re not doing the same old “song and dance” with the same old people, this could be an opportunity to find what you are grateful for in your life and how you could celebrate that.