Launching Into The New World 2013

We have survived the year 2012. The end of the Mayan Calendar didn’t mean the end of the world. Most of us knew this. But so many people still felt the intensity of this time of great transformation on the planet; a time predicted for Eons.

I see this as a changing of the guard. We are moving into a very new energy. It doesn’t mean that suddenly everything will look rosy. Transformation doesn’t look like that. Transformation is a messy process; it takes time and it often is darkest before the dawn.

We will still experience the collapsing of old systems, weather changes, natural disasters and man-made disasters which are constant reminders that evil is still alive on the planet; but the power of love is growing stronger and as the narcissism of the planet is recognized on greater and greater levels the feeding of the narcissism will stop.

Your own role on the planet is much more powerful then you might realize. By your saying “no” to narcissism you are one less chunk of food for the narcissistic entity that threatens to destroy our emotional and spiritual connection to life. You matter! Your actions matter! Your gallant effort to stop feeding the beast is praised and rewarded. I say thank you! Thank you for caring enough about yourself to unplug from destructive energies and thank you for being courageous enough to look within yourself and find those destructive demons that have taken root on the inside.

This is what the new world is about. It is about truly learning to honor and respect yourself and learning to stop feeding the beast whether that beast is outside or inside. Any negative voice that gets you to doubt yourself is a voice that must be silenced. And you have the power to silence those voices simply by learning to say “no thank you!”

As you learn to say “no” to narcissism you learn to say “Yes” to yourself! You learn to say yes to your dreams, your positive visions, and to your intuitive inner guidance.

New Years Day Special Episode of Pandora’s Box

Anah Maa and I are joining on New Years Day to bring you a special program called “Launching Into the New World” where we will be talking about what’s next. Since it is a Holiday we will be going on the air LIVE at 10am Pacific time, 1pm Eastern time.

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Transitioning into a New Age! December 21st 2012 is HERE!

Tuesday December 18th, 2012, 4pm PST:
Special Winter Solstice Episode with Kaleah

The time is near. The time is here. December 21st 2012 is the time, according to many scientists, marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new age of enlightenment. What does that mean to us? What can we expect? What kind of predictions are being made?

Join Kaleah to light your candles and prepare not only for the darkest time of the year but the time that marks the beginning of the return of the light. Not only for 2012 but for the future of mankind.

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The Killing of our Innocense

It was about fifteen years ago that I decided to stop watching, reading and listening to the news. There was so much “bad news” going on in the world and being constantly plugged in didn’t help my sense of peace in the world. I trusted that if there was something important I needed to know, I would be told. And so far that rule has worked just fine. September eleventh didn’t get past me, nor did the recent shootings in Connecticut. This was a very significant event that happened at a very significant time on the planet.

It was late afternoon when a friend came over for a cup of Christmas cheer to celebrate the trimming of my “little” tree. I have always loved the Winter Solstice and Christmas time with all its cheerful lights and burning candles. My home had been transformed into a fairyland for the senses. It was my friend who asked me if I had heard about what had happened, and in my usual “clueless” manner I said “no, what happened?”

Later I spoke to my son’s girlfriend on the phone and she was very upset. She said she couldn’t believe there was such evil in the world. She couldn’t believe we lived in a world where people would actually do something so horrible. I knew what she meant and all I could say was “I know! I know!”

The evening ended with a very psychic friend coming over and sitting with me. As we sat she told me that she knew something bad had happened today and she heard people talking about “the tragedy” but she didn’t know yet what it was. She could just feel the fear in the air and she said that she heard that President Obama cried. As much as we both felt the tragedy and the fear that was generated, we knew that having our leader show emotion was a positive thing for this Country.

My friend and I did not talk about how sad the event was or how painful it must be for the families of those who were killed. We talked about the event as another demonstration of the lack of balance in our society. Where the feminine, emotional nature is being suppressed on a global scale, the emotions emerge in people in toxic ways.

What would lead a human being to open fire on a bunch of innocent children? This is an individual who, as a child, never got his needs met; was never allowed to cry and never received comfort for his pain. Because his own childhood was robbed, he developed a hatred for the innocence in children. He wanted to kill the innocence.

I know nothing, on a personal level, of the details of this event. I don’t know who did it or why it is suspected that he did it, but I do know that in the news today there is a lot of talk about “gun control.” All I can say, is this is not about gun control. We can try to control guns as much anything can be controlled. It won’t stop the problem. The problem isn’t guns. It is the people who use guns. It is the extreme pain and suffering of a repressed nation who are programmed to be soldiers, not human beings. Soldiers are trained to over ride any sense of emotion, over ride their intuitive knowing and follow orders. They are trained to be puppets; robots. Killers!

In my last radio show on sex and porn addiction, Lili Bee and I talked about how these addictions and the narcissism that is growing exponentially in our society is the result of an extreme imbalance in our society. We didn’t spend our time talking about how evil people are who do things that hurt other people. We recognize that evil is the result of a toxic, emotionally repressed world. Those who hurt others have been deeply wounded themselves and they never dealt with their wounds. They never got the healing they needed.

As I was talking to my friend last night I suddenly became aware of so much fear in my solar plexus. I told her that I was feeling the fear on an intense level. It was so strong in my body that I was shaking. My arms and legs were shaking. I recognized that this was not my own personal fear but that, as an empath, I was picking up on the fear “energy” of the world. I knew that I needed to go into prayer that evening and pray for the safe passage of the souls who had crossed over, to find their way to the light. I also prayed for those who had lost loved ones through this tragedy. I knew my only power was in my prayers. It was all I could really offer the world.

As I sat in the silence following my prayers I realized that by choosing to enter a prayer vigil on my own, I was choosing love instead of fear. The world was in fear and it is through fear that the dark energies of the world gain strength and power. They control and dominate through fear. If I was feeling the fear of the world, I certainly could do my part to transmute that fear into love. Love is the only way we are ever going to heal this planet.

What happened on December 14th, 2012 was a message to the world. It was a message telling us we need to take care of our children. We need to love our children! We need to make our children a priority! Our values are really messed up. Our children are being ignored, neglected, abused and raised by other children, television and violent video games.

But it is not only the children of today we must care for. It is the children within each one of us. Emotional healing is mandatory if we are to survive! It is absolutely mandatory! If we are to heal, as a whole, we must first learn to feel, what has long been suppressed. Pandora’s box is not just opening for some of us. It is opening for all of us. What people will do with the emotional energy being unleashed is the real concern here.

The narcissism of the world has cut out the heart of society. It is based on material success, personal gratification, control, manipulation and power. Where is the heart? Where is the love?

We are in a powerful time of transition on the planet. There is a shift underway. Yet many of you watching the news are probably wondering just what kind of shift is happening. How can it possibly be positive when there is so much pain and fear in the world? How can we feel safe in a world rooted in pathology?

It is always darkest before the dawn and we truly are in a dawn of a new age. The tragedies of the world are our wake up calls. They are urging us to awaken to the truth and make necessary changes on a deeply personal level. Because change can only happen when each of us commit to our own evolution!

We can spend our energies focusing on the narcissists and the sociopaths of the world, but the true focus needs to be on our own evolution. Because we can’t change those who are lost! We can’t help them to be found! We can only help ourselves to be found! If you haven’t noticed yet, narcissism is an epidemic. But we can’t heal the epidemic by seeking a cure for narcissism. We can only heal the epidemic holistically, by increasing the healthy cells of humanity. When there are more and more healthy cells in the body of humanity, the balance will correct itself. So think of yourself as a cell in the body of humanity. If your only purpose was to find health and wholeness and help your children to feel truly loved, valued and cared for, then what greater purpose could you have?

I invite each of you to have your own prayer vigil over the weekend. Take time each morning and evening to enter into a sacred place of prayer; asking God for a healing of the heart of humanity and for those souls that have crossed over to find their way to the light.

I will be doing a special Winter Solstice 2012 episode of Pandora’s Box this Tuesday, the 18th of December at 4pm Pacific time. I will be talking about the issues I have addressed in this article and the transition we are currently undergoing as a species. Please join me and feel free to bring your questions.