How I Healed Lyme Disease

Back in 2010 I began to have pain in my shoulders and arms that began to increase more and more. I had no idea what was going on with me. I had not used traditional medical doctors in some fifteen years and had no medical insurance. I didn’t want to go that route. I tried chiropractors, acupuncture, and was eating a raw food diet. I went off the raw food diet and did another kind of diet recommended from an alternative practitioner. I did tons of different kinds of supplements and I spent thousands of dollars in my effort to heal, whatever it was that was making me sick.

I rapidly began to lose the range of motion in both arms. I had severe pain so bad I couldn’t sleep at night; so the lack of sleep contributed to my getting sicker and sicker. I would have severe muscle spasms in my arms that would send me through the roof in pain. My arms got so bad that I could no longer pull a shirt over my head and so I had to visit a second hand store and buy several large sized button up shirts that I could put on with my arms straight down, because by this time most of the range of motion in my arms was gone.

It was in December of 2010 that I had a session with an alternative doctor over the phone and he used kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, using a surrogate in order to diagnose me. He told me I had all kinds of issues going on but the one that rang true for me was Lyme Disease.

I began researching Lyme Disease and learned that people had results with TAO free Cats Claw or Samento so I headed for the supplement store to see if I could get some. I talked to the man who worked there and he said they didn’t have the TAO variety. I explained that I was trying to heal Lyme and he told me that just last week a couple came in who both had Lyme Disease and they went to see this doctor in Idaho who treated them with magnets. They both experienced getting really sick at first but were healed of Lyme and when he saw them they were both glowing.

The day before I had also received an email from a friend who had gone to see a doctor in Idaho who diagnosed her with Lyme. When I looked it up Online it was the same doctor. So I picked up the phone right away and scheduled an appointment.

The diagnosis of Lyme Disease was confirmed and I went through five, painless, non invasive treatments in a two week period and all symptoms of Lyme began to rapidly decline. I was left with only the loss of range of motion in my arms but with strong intention and diligent effort I recovered my arms completely and have had no symptoms of Lyme Disease since.

Since I posted on a much earlier blog about my challenge with Lyme I have received many emails from people asking for the name of the doctor who helped me. I have invited Dr. Tony Smith to be a guest on Pandora’s Box to talk about his work in diagnosis and treatment of Lyme.

This will be a special broadcast airing live on February 1st at 10am PST. The show will be available in the archives if you can’t make the live broadcast. There will be room for questions at the end.

Trauma Bonding and the Stockholm Syndrome

Tuesday the 22nd at 4pm PST.

Why is it that the hostages of the Stockholm Bank Robbery defended the Robbers even after continual threats of death and abuse? Why did two of these women hostages get engaged to their captors? The Stockholm Syndrome is an example of trauma bonding that is also prevalent with victims of narcissistic and other pathological abuse. In this episode we will talk about the trauma bond and how it keeps you connected to the abuser long after he/she is gone.

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Heartbreak and Soul Rape

Recovering Yourself After Narcissistic Abuse

Tuesday January 8th 2013 4pm PST: Pandora’s Box Radio with Kaleah

Have you suffered a heartbreak? Are you trying to figure out how to heal from the most painful situation of your life? In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about how to approach the process of healing from heartache and heartbreak as well as understanding soul rape and the trauma bond beneath it.

Kaleah also addresses the self blame and destruction that happens after this kind of trauma and helps you to understand why this is indeed a trauma. Understanding what really happened on a soul level is important to healing and moving forward in ones life.

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