Supporting the Evil Empire

Last weekend was the Raw Food Expo in Sedona, Arizona and although I have been a raw enthusiast since 2004, I never really gave enough attention to the importance of eliminating GMO’s or genetically modified foods.

Whenever someone asked me what talk I enjoyed most, I said, it was the talk and the panel on GMO’s because it raised my level of awareness about something we all need to become more aware of. Why? Because there is a certain “evil empire” that is threatening to destroy our entire worlds food supply. Shouldn’t we all become aware of such an empire?

I had the great opportunity to listen to GMO expert Jeffrey Smith along with Dr. Robert Young, the author of “The PH Miracle” and Dr. Jameth Sheridan, the founder of “Health Force Nutritionals.”

The reason this panel had the greatest impact on me was that all lectures I attended talked about the importance of eating organic foods to avoid poisoning our bodies with enormous amounts of pesticides; however Genetic Engineering of our food supply threatens all organic food production across the world. Without organic food we are all subject to mass poisoning of our bodies in order for the mega corporations to fatten their wallets. Talk about control of the masses!

If we don’t become aware and change our eating and shopping habits we are allowing such an evil empire to thrive and take over the world. Sounds like a bad movie doesn’t it? But this is real! This is really happening. I’ve heard horror stories about what mega corporations like Monsanto have done which includes putting small organic farmers out of business.

During this presentation all who attended were asked what we were going to do personally to bring this issue to the attention of others. For me it was a “no brainer.” I would put up a blog post and also speak about the issue of GMO’s to the people I know. This is serious! It is not to be ignored or forgotten about. Our lives depend upon this knowledge and taking action!

You can take action today by getting educated and making some different choices. If you stop supporting Monsanto products and Genetically Modified foods; not only will you be healthier physically and emotionally, but you will be taking dollars out of Monsanto’s pocket. Each time you purchase a genetically modified food you are supporting the evil empire. Think about it!

Dr. Smith said, in his lecture, that he worked with many doctors who began taking their patients off GMO products and 100% of these patients got better. “They all got better” one doctor said. This included children with ADD, ADHD and a variety of other health issues, including emotional issues.

Since our emotions live in the body, the health of our bodies affects our emotions. So eliminating GMO’s from the diet will not only improve your physical health but your mental and emotional health.

One thing I heard more than once throughout the weekend was that we are living in a generation where we are likely to outlive our children. The reason is that children’s health now days are worse than our health was when we were children, due to the poor nutrition and poisoning from GMO’s, pesticides and processing of our foods. If you have children, please pay attention!

The question many people asked was “what can I do to make a difference?” The answer was to become educated about GMO foods and AVOID them. Do NOT feed these foods to your children!

The best way to avoid GMO food is to eat Certified Organic food. It is a little more expensive but far richer in nutrition and void of chemicals, poisons and GMO’s. In the long run you save in medical bills and downtime for health conditions. You are also saving your children from being one of those statistics.

It is also important to eat as much “Whole” food as possible. This means whole fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, and whole grains. Most meats are GMO tainted because the animals are fed genetically modified corn and grains which become concentrated in their bodies and therefore the meat. Milk cows are fed bovine growth hormones, a genetically engineered hormone manufactured by Monsanto, which show up in heavy concentrations in milk and other dairy products. Buying organic milk will solve this issue.

Rat tumors from Monsanto GMO Foods.
When we “wake up” and become aware it is difficult to close our eyes to such threats to humanity as the tampering with our food supply. Although there is a temptation to ignore such concerns, if we all don’t get actively involved in the healing of our planet than we are, by default, active in the destruction of it. Which will you choose?

In California, Prop 37 was a bill to create mandatory labeling of GMO products. It failed to go through. Many food companies contributed millions of dollars to support the “non labeling” of GMO products.

Here are some links that will help you to become more aware and shop wisely for your health and the health of your family.

Here is a powerful interview by Jeffery Smith:

Dr. Jeffrey Smith’s Website:

The most comprehensive source of GMO Health risk information on the Web:

Here is the NON GMO Shopping Guide:

We encourage you to support the brands and products below in recognition of their laudable commitment to ensuring the sustained availability of non-GMO options, and their belief that consumers deserve an informed choice.

Happy Self Love Day!

When I was at the coffee house yesterday, there was a woman there who made it clear she didn’t like Valentines Day. She was a “Bah Hum Bug” for the love.

I know many people feel this way about February 14th because it is known to be a day for sweethearts, and if you don’t have a sweetheart then it can feel as if this is a holiday that doesn’t have a place for you. You may not be getting the box of chocolates, the red roses or mushy cards from someone “out there” but it doesn’t mean this day has to pass you by.

Valentines Day is a day for love, so why not make it a day for “Self Love?” Why not celebrate yourself?

I bought myself a beautiful yellow and orange tulip plant that I will plant in my yard after enjoying the beauty of it in my cottage for a few days. I also bought a few bright scented candles to enjoy.

I’m not sad about not having a Valentine; because I am my own Valentine and this day is another excuse to celebrate myself. Not that I need an excuse.

My journey has been one of healing the heart and opening myself to greater and greater love. And this greater love isn’t just about having that “someone special.” It is about seeing yourself as “someone special.” It is about being someone special. You can be someone special for somebody else who needs it. I didn’t just buy one tulip plant. I bought one for myself and one for my neighbors and our neighborhood will be sharing the love for some time to come as our tulips decorate our yards.

Part of being someone special is to share your heart with others. Nurture friendships with the young and the old, male and female. Be the friend you would like to have. The greater you can expand your heart to include others, the more love and joy you will have in your own life. Because sometimes the greatest joy is in the giving of oneself.

So Happy Self Love Day! What can you do for yourself today?

LUV Kaleah