Birthing the Butterfly

Happy Spring Equinox!

Spring is the time of rebirth! Nature shows us that following every death is a rebirth and as we witness life bursting forth everywhere we might even feel new life sprouting forth from within.

I work with so many people going through the pain of death as they are forced to let go of something that is no longer contributing in a positive way to their life. When we are experiencing an “inner death” we often have difficulty seeing the birth that is just up ahead. When we are in the process of metamorphosis we might only feel the dissolving of the caterpillar body and the terror of going into the void, the nothingness, the emptiness.

It can be so helpful to understand the process of metamorphosis because we can imagine the new form beginning to take shape from the darkness of the cocoon. When that new form is complete it bursts forth into the world a butterfly.

Personally your timing may not align perfectly with spring but if you surrender to the process of transformation your rebirth is assured, not in your preferred timing but in divine timing.

You might have heard how the body of the butterfly is formed from something called “imaginal cells.” I love the image I get when I think of the power of our own imagination to create. As humans we are highly creative beings and we have the power to create a new “self” through our imagination. So if you find yourself in the darkness, imagine where you would like to see yourself. If you have just come out of a toxic, dysfunctional, narcissistic relationship and are experiencing the trauma and grieving the loss, it can be difficult to imagine a “better” future but at some point your imagination will pull you from your darkness and lead you to the light of a new, improved you.

Has the best already come and gone in your life? Some people hold to this fear. Fear is a powerful force that keeps us stuck and stagnant in our life. Learn how to convert your fear to love and know, without a doubt, that love is the creative force of the universe and you can and will have a much deeper connection with life. You will have a much deeper connection with a partner who is truly capable of matching your level of growth.

Sometimes we get kicked out of our caterpillar existence before we feel are ready. But it is always in perfect timing. Your soul pulls you forward and demands your growth. The best thing you can do is surrender to the process and allow yourself to be transformed. I promise you that when you look back on your life several years from now you will not see the caterpillar that you once were as being a greater experience than the butterfly you have become.

Envision yourself as the emerging butterfly! See yourself being reborn. Believe that a much more joyful, empowering future is coming into being for you.

Not sure how to navigate through the dark night of the soul in your own process of metamorphosis and inner transformation? I’m writing the guidebook and it will be complete soon, so stay tuned.

The Road Less Traveled

The temporary release of ego boundaries associated with falling in love, sexual intercourse or the use of certain psychoactive drugs may provide us with a glimpse of Nirvana, but not with Nirvana itself. It is a thesis of this book that Nirvana or lasting enlightenment or true spiritual growth can be achieved only through the persistent exercise of real love. The Road Less Traveled, by Scott Peck.

Go to youtube for 2-16 of this book.

Everything is Temporary

I sat with a beautiful and wise friend one night. It was the full moon and the energies were intense. We talked of lovers falling away, friends dying and the forever changing winds of time. She would continue to say “everything is temporary.”

In my experience; we don’t want it to be temporary. We try to hold on. We try to tie it down! We try to secure our lives into something we can depend on; only to find out the one thing we can truly depend on is that nothing is ever really secure.

We live in an ever changing Universe and one season is always flowing into the next. The more we resist the current of our lives, the more we experience congestion. It is said that our resistance to “what is” is what creates our greatest pain.

Letting go can be one of the most difficult things we do. Our struggle is when we try so hard to hold on.

One night, around Valentines day, I was playing one of my new songs in a café and when I sang the word “surrender” a balloon broke loose and fell into the room and the words on the balloon were “LOVE.”

I didn’t experience it the way a few café sitters did. To them, it was truly an experience of surrendering to love.

What does it mean to surrender to love? It means to surrender to life? Love is the beauty of life unfolding and moving and connecting here and connecting there and having all these truly wild experiences. The challenge is to find the heart of each experience and hold onto that.

Our tendency is to stay rooted in fear. We are so often unconsciously anchored in the fear of loss, the fear of abandonment, the fear of change, the fear of intimacy, the fear of inadequacy, or the fear that we will never truly be loved?

What I have found on my long journey, is that I can never depend on another to love me. I can only depend upon myself. If I don’t honor myself and treat myself with the deepest respect then I will lose my trust in myself. When I can fully trust myself my fears begin to fall away. I no longer fear that I will be abandoned because I no longer abandon myself. I no longer fear change, because I have learned to trust the process of life. I no longer fear intimacy because I am not afraid to be seen for who I am. I no longer fear inadequacy because I have taken the power from others to make me feel inadequate.

Life itself is temporary! Our lives are a gift to be lived. If we can stop fearing death we can begin to live. Death is life and life is death. It is a continuing cycle. I find that I must always surrender to the next cycle which is the same as allowing the creation of the new chapter.

Letting go of the past is the same as letting go of the dead. The past is the dead. Eckhart Tolle says “The Power is Now!” Now is the only place that is alive! Everything else is either passed away or an imagined future.

We must grieve the dead because grieving is how we let go. We let go with our tears.

During my deepest grieving period, my grieving was my “now.” My reality was about being in a state of grief. I tried my best not to judge it or make it wrong. It is what it is; and by allowing myself to be where I was without judgment, I could move through it allowing my tears to nourish the tender seed still lying in the cold, damp earth.

Now that seed is sprouting forth new life. The warmth of my tears awakened the life within the seed. I am experiencing the rebirth of myself!

I know in my life that I will be born again and again and again and I am always dying to the old; and one day I will die to the body and my spirit will be released to experience yet another reality.

(an excerpt from “Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul” by Kaleah…not yet released)