Kaleah’s Back on the Air with Pandora’s Box on Tuesday June 25th 4pm PST

Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul
Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul
I put my radio show Pandora’s Box on hold so that I could focus on the completion of my new book “Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul.” “Rebirth” was released on Ebook June 7th and will be available in print on June 26th.

The re-launch of Pandora’s Box is Tuesday, June 25th and the topic will be “Rebirth.” I will be discussing the subject of my new book talking about the Dark Night of the Soul and the journey from darkness to rebirth.

Pandora’s Box will continue to air every Tuesday June 25th at 4pm PST and will be recorded live for listening at any time. It will be a combination of live presentations on topics of rebirth, the dark night of the soul, emotional healing, and narcissism and other personality disorders and I will be interviewing guests I feel you would be interested in hearing from.

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Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul – Ebook is Here!

coverimage_200wAfter much hard work my new book “Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul” is now available for immediate download as an Ebook.

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This book will be available in print as well but it will take several more weeks for the production. If you would like to read “Rebirth” on Ebook I am offering it through Lulu.com and it is available in EPUB: This is a standardized electronic publication format that features reflowable text content suitable for use on most eReader devices.

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I’m really excited to be offering this book to you now. It captures my personal journey through the Dark Night of the Soul as well as my work with others who are coming out of relationships with narcissistic people and have entered a “dark night” as a result. I see it as a type of guidebook for the soul moving through darkness. It is my hope you will be inspired and encouraged as a result of reading this book.

If you would like to wait for the book in print, please stay tuned. I will notify you through this blog and my newsletter when it is available for order.

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Rebirth is Almost Here

coverimage_200wIf you have been following my posts you will remember a grand synchronicity between the closing of my new home and the launch of my book “Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul.” Ironically my house finally closed on the very day my book went to the publishers. Since then both have been a work in progress. The people I hired to get the house ready to move in are just finishing up and I just gave final approval on the book which is now ready for print.

Rebirth will be available in both Ebook and print for those of you who have been asking me for my books in print. The Ebook will be available in various formats to accommodate your preference.

Why did I write a book called “Rebirth?” Well after years of working with people who are recovering from narcissistic abuse I saw a pattern. The same kind of process was happening with the majority of my clients. There was the initial shock, the break down, the overwhelming emotional states, a lack of will to live, a fear one is going crazy, mass confusion, hopelessness and despair. I began to see the process of breaking down as similar to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Although it appears as though we are dying; we are really in the process of reconstruction, or rebirth. But before one can be reborn s/he must die to the old; shed the skins and surrender to the process.

My book Rebirth is a guidebook for the process so you can understand on deeper levels what is happening. I went through my own rebirth in the last two years which was a conscious process for me.

So why would suffering narcissistic abuse spiral you into a process of rebirth? Well there is a huge crumbling of the illusion you have been living your life under. The walls have collapsed and the rug has been yanked out from underneath your feet. What you have come to know as your reality has been dismantled. Ironically when a caterpillar enters the process of metamorphosis it’s form dissolves and a new form eventually comes into being. The caterpillar must surrender its old reality in order to embrace the new.

As human beings we don’t want to surrender the old reality. We are used to it. We have become comfortable with it. We don’t want to feel the pain of the loss or the confusion of our own dismantling. We fear such a deep transformation; yet if we can surrender to it and have some kind of understanding of it we can learn to embrace the process and work with it. As a spiritual based counselor it is my work to help others to navigate through the dark night of the soul and find their way to the light.

I have taken this journey through darkness several times in my lifetime and each time I have emerged better, stronger and more empowered. I have come to know myself on much deeper levels and as a result I have the insight, awareness and experience to help you to transform into your true (butterfly) self.

Rebirth will be available to purchase in the next week or two so please stay tuned.