Miss Dialing the Universe

kaleah singing As a songwriter I am often inspired at the most inconvenient times and my last inspiration happened when I was in bed but didn’t have a pen or paper near. Instead I had my new smart phone which I often refer to as “my stupid smartphone” because it is my first one and I’m still trying to figure it out.

Well I entered in my own phone number to send myself a text and used my handy dandy new voice activated text feature to record my lyrics. I recorded these words:

I’ll find you on my journey to the sea
I’ll find you and you’ll remember me
I’ll know you by the depths in your eyes,
I’ll know you as you’ll be without disguise.
I see you in a dream
Your hands are out to me
And it seems as though we’ve known each other forever
But somewhere in between the worlds we were lost, we were lost, we were lost
And now we are found.

Satisfied that I captured my ideas so easily, I sent the text to myself until such a time I could get to my piano. When I got to my piano last night and started working with my lyrics I noticed a couple additional lines of lyrics added that I didn’t write. “Who are you trying to resch? Reach?”

At first I thought this must be some kind of divine intervention from some intergalactic spiritual being who also can’t spell on these smart phones. Who is this song for Kaleah? Who are you reaching out for? I wanted to say “leave me alone, can’t I have even one moment to myself without your interference?”

I finally buckled to the inquiry and answered. “I was writing to myself! This was a message to me! This is the part of me I’ve been disconnected from. So thank you for your intervention, oh mighty powers that be, but I am my own beloved.”

It was then I realized I sent my song lyrics to the wrong number. I had actually texted someone, anyone, who knows who, with the above lyrics.

Our communication Web these days is very fragile and I have found my attempts to understand my smart phone had me contacting people I didn’t want to contact. When I synced with Google all my contacts were downloaded onto my phone and in trying to figure out how to delete the contacts I didn’t want on my phone I accidentally pushed the wrong button and started dialing my ex husbands brother. It must have been divine intervention here because my phone itself had not yet been fully activated and the number didn’t actually dial. But my heart was rapidly beating trying to figure out how to end the call before someone said “hello.” Is the smart phone our friend? Or foe? Or is it a smart phone with a dumb user? Has anyone written the book “smart phones for dummy’s? Don’t touch that dial! Unless you know exactly what you are doing. Otherwise there may be consequences.

I told my misplaced lyrics story to a friend and she said “it must be pretty difficult to connect with yourself when you don’t even know your own number.” Ha Ha!

Okay so I couldn’t let this go without sharing it. How can we possibly connect with ourselves when we don’t know our own number? Another incentive to “know thyself.” How can we reach ourselves when we are always misdialing? Why do we dial into people we don’t really want to reach and how do we clean up our messes when we get a wrong number? Good questions for contemplation.

Happy dialing!