Fear and Drama is the Ego’s Food!

ego-spiritRecently, on the advice of a mentor, I revisited Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth”.  Often when we have had years of growth between the last time we have read a profound book like this one, it is like reading it for the first time, because there is so much insight we might not have gained from our first reading.  We gain what we are ready and willing to gain or absorb.

Tolle really delves into the Ego and how it is the Ego that defines our illusory self.  This is the “Self” we have been conditioned to believe we are.  We identify with this “Self” and the more we do this, the more power we give it.  When we become aware of the Ego it loses power.  When we can learn to identify the ego, to observe it in action, we bring awareness to this dysfunctional aspect of Self.  When we become aware of something it can no longer function in the dark.

When we are in turmoil and emotional pain, the ego is thriving!  According to Tolle, we could not feel emotional pain, rooted in the past, if we were not identified with our ego.  Our ego tells us we are our pain.  Our thoughts, or the voice in our head, tell us untruths about ourselves that increase our pain.  We hear the voice that tells us we are worthless, we are “no good,” we are unlovable and so on.  I have always called these “core beliefs” because we often learn these lies about ourselves in early childhood.  However, these lies go dormant and surface again when we have an upset, crisis or trauma in our lives.  We come to believe, because we are having this crisis, upset, or trauma it must be because of something within us that is inadequate or something we are doing wrong.  Shame, blame and guilt! Continue reading Fear and Drama is the Ego’s Food!

Facing Loneliness and Emptiness

Leave someone alone long enough and one of two things will happen.  S/he will drive himself/herself crazy or have a spiritual awakening.  

In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah talks about a subject that is not often talked about….Loneliness and Emptiness.  What do you do when you come face to face with your deepest loneliness?  What do you do with that painful emptiness?  Our usual coping mechanisms is to find something to fill it with, like a person or an addiction.  But when we race to fill our inner emptiness with something outside of ourselves, we miss the spiritual opportunity.  Tune in and learn more about how you can embrace your loneliness, find the spiritual opportunity and have a spiritual awakening as a result.