Anchoring Love in a Time of Fear

14610936_1277621358970672_4565553264326758542_nThe energy on the planet, especially in the U.S. is very intense right now. That intensity has found its way into my life, even as I have done my best to stay positive and anchored in love. What has been the most difficult thing for me is feeling so judged by people when I express my views, which are positive, hopeful and anchored in the vibration of love. I ask those who lash out to take responsibility for their own emotions, and they lash out more.

Finally, I resolve to disconnect from those who are expressing such hostility. But often they chose to disconnect from me first because of their disappointment in me.

I am healing some pretty deep wounds; as are we all, and one of the most difficult things to experience is feeling judged and having people disappointed in me. It triggers my core shame. I don’t like the way I feel. I want people to like me! I want to be accepted. I want to be approved of. But this is being challenged right now. Continue reading Anchoring Love in a Time of Fear

Divide and Conquer

a-nation-dividedLast night Donald Trump won the 2016 Political Elections.

As an energetically sensitive being, I have never felt so much turmoil in our Country; not because Trump won, but because our nation is divided, nearly equally in half, and one half is at war with the other. People are projecting hatred, anger, judgement and fear. People are creating the future with these projections. People are talking Hitler and nuclear war. The fear is overwhelming!

636071360936144661-xxx-jillstein-4I stand down! I observe! I quietly voted for the Candidate on the ballot who most deeply spoke to my heart “Jill Stein!” People ask me if I wasn’t afraid that I was dividing the vote. I said “No! I am not afraid of dividing the vote because if there is not a candidate worthy of my vote, I will not vote!” Jill Stein was worthy of my vote! Thank you Jill, for giving me this option. Because when I looked into your eyes, I saw love! I saw somebody who was kind and gentle and who truly cared. I believed in you almost immediately. You spoke to my heart! And I voted with my heart! Continue reading Divide and Conquer