Is the Narcissist my Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

The idea that you have a Soulmate out there, somewhere in the world, who is ideally suited to be with you, is very romantic and hopeful.

Who doesn’t want to believe that we don’t have to walk through life alone, not ever really finding someone who “gets us” and is fully devoted to us.

We come into the world alone and we leave this world alone, but it would be nice to know that during this life we can share it with a companion to our soul; someone who lights our fire and brings us to life, in a way we have never been before.

Often times when we first meet a narcissist, we have that strong feeling of “knowing” that person and the connection we feel is unlike any other.  How else do you explain it but to say “this must be my soulmate; the one I have been waiting for.”

Soulmate quickly becomes “Cellmate” when the crazy making behavior begins to turn your once perfect world upside down and inside out.  Some say a soulmate relationship can be challenging but this is more than challenging.  It is soul destructive!

The danger so many people fall into is not knowing when to call it quits.  The soulmate “theory” keeps one holding on, long past the expiration date. Continue reading Is the Narcissist my Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

My Life was Hacked

It was a beautiful sunny morning and I was sitting out on my deck having coffee and checking my emails, when I received an email that my Websites had been deactivated by my hosting service, due to malware.

My beautiful morning was abruptly ended as I got on the phone to my hosting company and ended up with one of their partners who has the “big guns” when it comes to compromised Websites.  Big guns come with big money; money I wasn’t prepared to spend.  But then I realized “this is my living, without my Websites I am out of business.”

“Big Guns” is an appropriate term for companies who search and destroy the enemy and erect tough firewalls to prevent them from getting back in.  I never fully grasp the concept of “Cyber Wars” before and how there are people, entities, and businesses who spend all their time and energy seeking out vulnerabilities in Websites so they can do a hostile takeover.

In my case it was an Asian company who invaded my world with their intent to use my identity and hard work to sell whatever they were selling.  When you Googled my site, the search results producd a whole lot of Chinese words.  I had no idea what they said.  But my name was on it. Continue reading My Life was Hacked