Over Coming Depression

When you are depressed, life loses its luster.  There is very little life force energy available to get through the day.  You may not sleep well, or you may sleep too much.  You may have a difficult time functioning at home and at work.

Depression is a repression, or suppression of one’s life force energy and the emotions that are not being properly dealt with.  We often tell ourselves we shouldn’t be feeling what we are feeling and deny, suppress or medicate our emotions.  This causes a suppression of your life force energy.

You may or may not know what you are depressed about.  Knowing what you are depressed about doesn’t necessarily help to heal the depression.

What really helps heal depression is to deal with the underlying emotions that you are likely avoiding, and perhaps, looking for the spiritual guidance trying to come through the darkness.

If you have ever heard that depression is anger turned inward, this is partly true.  Anger is a powerful emotion and many people don’t give themselves permission to feel it.  They may have a belief “it is not nice to be angry.”  Our society really puts this on Women.  Anger to women is what tears are to men…..unacceptable.  Well, at least this is how our society paints the picture.

The truth is all emotions are welcome and accepted and if there is something within you that is fighting your emotions, this is what needs to be worked with.  Stop fighting what you are feeling and try surrendering to your emotions.

Some people are afraid if they let themselves feel the powerful emotions, underneath the surface of their awareness, they will come unglued and react badly.  “If I take the lid off my emotions, I will never be able to put it on again.”  “I’m afraid I will be overwhelmed by them.”

The truth is, it is not in feeling our feelings that we have an issue, it is reacting to our feelings by lashing out at others.  It is okay to be angry, for example, but not okay to take your anger out on others.  So, you must first welcome your anger and find healthy ways to express is.

Depression can also cause lethargy and apathy.  One loses motivation to do anything; which includes taking the necessary action to change one’s circumstances in life.  For example, if you are feeling depressed because you are lonely, and getting out more would bring about a change in circumstances, but you are too lethargic to get out of the house, you are unable to change your circumstances.

I have been working with Depression since 1988, as depression seems to accompany most issues I work with like narcissistic abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, weight loss and eating disorders.  Depression can be a side effect of these issues.

Healing depression involves some exploratory investigation to get to the root of the cause, or spiritual prompting, and then working to make positive changes.  I use clinical hypnotherapy as well as other techniques to get to the root cause.

If you go to a traditional doctor, psychiatrist,  or psychologist, the course of treatment recommended may involve medication, which is not a cure for depression.  It is a Band-Aid.  Anti-depressants are habit forming and suppress your emotions and life force energy even further.  Some anti-depressants even cause people to be suicidal.   I don’t recommend them for long term use.  It is much more effective in the long run to find the root cause of your depression and develop a plan of action to heal it.

There is life again!  There is love again!  It is within your power!  Within your reach!

If you are depressed and need to make a change, I would love to enter into that space with you and give you a hand, in exploring what lies within you that is wanting to come out!

consider scheduling an appointment with me for a counseling or hypnotherapy session. 


Here is a very heartfelt, beautiful and inspiring story of “Depression as a spiritual path.”