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What If Getting Out of Pain Meant Being In Pain?

phoenixwomanWhen you are aware that you are in emotional pain, you are much closer to getting out of pain then those who are unaware of their pain. People who are unaware of their pain, project their pain onto others and cause others pain, so they can experience their pain as coming from outside of them.

One you become aware of your deepest pain you can create the space in your inner sanctuary in which to “be with” your pain. The more you try to “get out” of pain the more you are pushing it away. When you push it away it goes underground to the deep unconscious or subconscious mind. Or it gets projected onto others.

Learning to “be with” your pain is a practice. You have to surrender all your programs and addictions that have kept you “out of touch” with your pain and you have to welcome the circumstances in your life that have opened the doorway to your pain.

What if you have lived your life in pain but you were unaware of it? What if your pain influenced every single choice you have made in your life? What if you realized the avoidance of pain was what drove your life? If all this is true than wouldn’t a willingness to “be with” your pain change your entire life?

Once you learn to “be with” your pain it loses its power in your life. Because to “be with” pain is to tolerate it rather than avoid it. You learn to welcome your pain rather than abolish it to the dungeon. When you can “be with” your own pain you can “be with” others who are in pain without trying to fix it, take it on, try to help them get out of pain or avoid them because you don’t want to be around their pain.

We live on a planet that is in pain. People are in pain. As you heal the pain within you, by welcoming it and being with it, you heal the pain on the planet.

We get out of pain by walking through it, feeling it, expressing it and allowing the energy to dissipate. The more we allow ourselves to experience our pain, the more our pain loses its ability to run our lives.

So instead of seeking a way out of pain, why not seek guidance to move gracefully or not so gracefully through it?

One can only help you through your pain to the extent he or she has been able to experience his or her own pain. One who pretends he or she is not in pain cannot help you through yours because the guidance you will receive will be about trying to change your mindset or belief systems that are causing your pain. Belief systems do need to be changed but not to avoid your pain. They need to be changed so you can learn to embrace it.

Pain and Joy are of the same energy. They are simply tuned to different frequencies. It isn’t a matter of just tuning the dial upward from pain to joy. Although it would be great if we could do that. It works a little differently. You must move into the pain, feel it, surrender to it and allow it to be released. The more you do this process the more the frequency begins to shift to joy. You feel more alive; your vitality increases; your level of awareness increases.

Pain is actually the great healer. If pain has visited itself upon you, there is something in your life that has to change. The door of transformation is opening in your life and you have to learn to let go of the edge and allow the river to carry you. When you receive the call and you are awakened to your deepest pain, it is time for your greatest transformation. What does this journey have to show you; to teach you? What must be peeled away within you or burned away so that you can embrace a new way of being?

Go into your pain and ask it what it wants for you to know; to see; to experience? Be with it!

Bring your pain from the darkness into the light. Once it sees the light it will begin to fall away. There may be many layers; that is okay. It takes as long as it takes. It is a journey. The more you can embrace the journey the more you free and empower yourself.

Kaleah LaRoche
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