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Healing Core Wounds Webinar

Most suffering from narcissistic abuse stems from our core wounds.  In fact it is our core wounding that unconsciously attracts the wounder.

Although narcissistic abuse is very painful, the depth of that pain comes from our cellular memories of feeling worthless, not enough, not good enough, shameful, stupid, ugly and a number of other painful beliefs that are established in childhood.

As we identify these core beliefs, we can work to heal them; establishing a much more empowered relationship with ourselves and others.

This class is designed to identify your core wounds and begin the process of healing them.  The result is increasing your energetic vibration so you will attract more empowering relationships, work environments and social environments.

In this class each individual will have the opportunity to receive support in identifying his/her core wounds and take the necessary action to heal them.  We will also do group hypnotherapy sessions to help the subconscious mind to change negative core beliefs to positive ones.  There will be a support forum for the group, allowing participants to interact with and support each other in this healing process.  The video’s for this class will be available as recordings for class participants.

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Video on Healing Core Wounds and Spiritual Recovery

From Self Loathing to Self Loving

Tuesday April 7th, 2015 4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST on Pandora’s Box with Kaleah

Part One

selflove3From Self Loathing to Self Loving begins a new series on Pandora’s Box where I explore this very important topic of how we stop treating ourselves poorly and begin to really love ourselves. It is easy to say “I need to love myself more” but self love is a very complex process. We must learn how to effectively confront the old “self loathing” programs and clear out core limiting beliefs, toxic emotions and addictions that keep us in the cycle of self abuse.

Those caught up in the cycle of narcissistic abuse will really find value in this series because the more you clear out the old “self abuse” programs and begin truly loving yourself you will no longer tolerate abusive behavior from others. There is no better way to leave behind toxic patterns then to truly embrace self love.

Join us for this series and begin making changes in your life today!

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The Journey to Self Love

selflove2What does it mean to love yourself?  Is it a feeling you have for yourself?  Is it an action you take?  Is it a promise you make?  Well, in a sense it is all of the above.  Loving yourself involves making a commitment to yourself that you will love, honor and cherish yourself all the days of your life.

How can we possibly make such a commitment to a significant other if we have not yet made and lived that commitment to ourselves?  You have probably heard “you can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself?”  The truth is most people are far kinder to others than they are to themselves.  Many people have core beliefs that they are flawed and inadequate and don’t quite measure up to others.  Our core beliefs lead us to seeking approval from others and looking to others to fulfill us.

The fulfillment we seek can only truly come from within us.  Instead of running from the emptiness we feel inside and looking for distractions and things outside of ourselves to fill us up, we need to turn around and face the emptiness and move into it and fill it up with ourselves.

Loving ourselves is an action.  We practice being kind and compassionate towards ourselves and commit to deep self discovery.  We commit to being with ourselves in our deepest pain and fear and never abandon ourselves.  We commit to understanding the limiting beliefs we live our lives by through following the emotion.

When in deep emotional pain what do you “feel” about yourself?  Do you feel that you are a bad person?  Do you feel unloved?  Do you feel like nobody really cares about you?  Do you feel unwanted?  These are your core beliefs.  And as long as we believe these things about ourselves we are destined to prove ourselves right on some level by unconsciously drawing people into our lives who prove to us that we are right about ourselves.  Or we interpret someone’s actions or behavior as proof we are what we believe about ourselves.

If you have a core belief that you are unloved you will draw people into your life that make you feel unloved.  If you have a core belief that nobody cares about you, you will draw people into your life who don’t really care about you or you will interpret someones actions as evidence you are not worth caring about.  Changing your core beliefs can change your entire life experience.

Imagine if you live your life believing you are truly worthy, you are amazing, you are loved and people like you and care about you.  You will begin to see this reflecting in your life on greater and greater levels.  You will treat yourself as someone who is worthy, amazing and lovable.  You will treat yourself like someone who is worth caring about.

Make the commitment to yourself this New Year to “Know Thyself” on the deepest levels. To know you is to love you!

Happy New Year!