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Over Coming Depression

When you are depressed, life loses its luster.  There is very little life force energy available to get through the day.  You may not sleep well, or you may sleep too much.  You may have a difficult time functioning at home and at work.

Depression is a repression, or suppression of one’s life force energy and the emotions that are not being properly dealt with.  We often tell ourselves we shouldn’t be feeling what we are feeling and deny, suppress or medicate our emotions.  This causes a suppression of your life force energy.

You may or may not know what you are depressed about.  Knowing what you are depressed about doesn’t necessarily help to heal the depression.

What really helps heal depression is to deal with the underlying emotions that you are likely avoiding, and perhaps, looking for the spiritual guidance trying to come through the darkness. Continue reading Over Coming Depression

Why Diet is Important for Emotional Well Being

fruitbasketoutdoorsMost of us already know that if we are healthy and reasonably slender, we feel better.  This is a “no brainer.”  But we don’t often realize how important what we put in our body is when it comes to our mental health and emotional well being.

I always approach life holistically, which means that I look at the whole person, not just an aspect of that person.  Everything works together.  If we are out of balance physically, we are out of balance emotionally and vise versa.  When considering optimal well-being we need to consider our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  We need to look at our life and see what is out of balance.

kaleahkitchen1Most of my clients report that when they are emotionally upset they don’t eat well.  They lack the energy to take care of themselves. This is the time when taking care of yourself becomes the most important thing you can do.

Your physical body needs the nutrients to help you to deal with the emotional stress.  If you eat nothing but ice cream and junk food when you have a broken heart, you will feel worse in the long run, and when you start gaining all that extra weight, you will feel even worse. Continue reading Why Diet is Important for Emotional Well Being