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The Power of Hypnotherapy

I fell in love with Hypnotherapy as a healing tool back in 1988 when I witnessed a friend stop a three pack a day smoking habit in one session.  And the results lasted.  I was impressed and excited about the possibilities.

My friend told me I would be really good at this and gave me the information for the school the woman who helped him went to in order to get her certification.  I was enrolled within the month and began my own training in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I opened my own Counseling and Hypnotherapy Practice at the age of 26 and began helping people to stop smoking and lose weight. These were the areas of my primary focus.  But over the years I began using hypnotherapy for much deeper work.  I used it for inner child healing, psychic/energy cord cutting, soul retrieval, timeline jumping and many other things.

Hypnotherapy is so powerful because it gets our conscious mind out of the way and works directly with the subconscious, or the part of our mind that has the power to really help us make changes.  The subconscious mind controls all bodily functions, habits, and emotions and also is the dynamo that directs our energy.  So if we want to get something done or make a change in our lives, we need to get the assistance of this part of our mind.

What I have found in thirty years of practice is that the subconscious is much more powerful then most of us realize.  It goes beyond the body and it goes beyond this lifetime.  After practicing this type of therapy for as long as I have, It is impossible to doubt there is so much more to us then the physical life we are currently living.

We have our small self, or the part of us that is going about our business, living our lives and we have our higher SELF or super conscious SELF that is aware of all things.  This aspect of us is fully aware of our souls journey through time and space.  It didn’t begin here on this earth with our first breath.  We are eternal souls and we have been traveling through various experiences for eons.  It is our souls purpose to learn, grow and expand and all our life’s circumstances give us the opportunity to do just that.

In hypnosis we can explore what the purpose and lessons are and where we are failing to “get the lesson.”  If we don’t “get the lesson,” life will bring us yet another and another opportunity.  If we continue to repeat patterns, it is because we are not learning and growing in the way we are meant to.

People ask me about doing hypnotherapy over the phone.  I have been doing this for years successfully, however when it comes to  “Past Life Regression,” I will not do this type of therapy over the phone.  These sessions are long and involved and require me to be right there at your side guiding you through the process.

I can do weight loss, smoking cessation, soul retrieval, cord cutting, inner child healing and working with the subconscious and higher self successfully over the phone or skype.

If you are interested in a hypnotherapy session with me you can schedule “phone based” sessions here.  If you are interested in traveling to see me in person, my office is in Cottonwood, Arizona, only twenty minutes from Sedona.  Contact me via Email about scheduling an “in person” session.

Reconnecting with Soul

selflove5I recently participated in a powerful Full Moon, sound healing meditation with an amazing group of people and the result for me was incredible. I had not realized how much soul loss I had experienced in this past year through various relationship dynamics.  I had not realized the affect that soul loss had on me.

It began with chronic insomnia, the inability to fall asleep. I would lay awake night after night praying for sleep but it never came. Slowly my body began to deteriorate due to lack of regeneration. I reached my “bottom” or ultimate “low” which resulted in the ending of a relationship I was in. I found myself having to pull myself from the depths of the “low” point physical, mentally and spiritually and at the same time recover from losing the “love” in my life.

In the beginning it felt like a “hopeless” journey, but little by little I began to sleep again and reconnected with nature through daily walks down by the river. I could feel myself slowly coming back, emerging from the darkness and the desperation that resulted from feeling so disconnected from my own soul. Continue reading Reconnecting with Soul

Retrieving Your Soul from the Vampire

native_queen_300wSince I began my work in Narcissistic Abuse, Soul Retrieval has been an important part of my work with clients seeking healing and recovery. When one has been abused through narcissistic predatory behavior there is often a feeling of having been raped on a deep soul level, something I refer to as “soul rape.”

Technically our soul is not raped. But our life force energy that give us our soul vitality, is extracted through crazy making behavior, gaslighting, confusion, and being discarded like a piece of trash after investing so much of our energy into the relationship.

The “energy vampire” is the narcissistic, self-centered, careless individual whose main focus in life is to get his or her needs met through the exploitation of their nearest and dearest. This is not love but usery. One who has been on the receiving end of such exploitation is left feeling their very life essence has been drained; something very vital has been taken.

The next question is how do we get back what was taken? This is the question most people have when they come to me for help.

One of the processes I use to aid in recovery from narcissistic abuse is a combination of hypnotherapy and a Shamanic technique called “Soul Retrieval.” Hypnotherapy works on the level of the subconscious mind and Soul Retrieval works on an energy/spirit level. Together they can have a powerful impact. However, most people want to understand how this process works.

There are Universal Laws that are as certain as the Law of Gravity. Most people don’t fully understand these laws. They are talked about in Personal and Spiritual growth teachings such as the “Law of Attraction” or “The Law of Cause and Effect.”

There is a great Website that gives a quick explanation of the twelve Universal Laws:


Although most of these Universal Laws apply when dealing with narcissistic abuse I would like to address The Law of Transmutation of Energy.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of EnergyAll persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change.

whitewolves_300wWhen your life-force energy has been consumed you have the power to take it back. You have the power to change your situation, but where you put your thoughts, feelings and focus has a lot to do with the outcome you create in your life. If you continue to play the role of the victim, you will continue feeling powerless and this is not the goal to recovery. The goal to recovery is to feel empowered and in charge of your own life.

We actually have the power to command the energies in our own life. We just need to understand how to do it and how it works. If your soul energy has been extracted, you have the power to command it back.

We call those who take our energy “Energy Vampires” because, like a vampire, the “taker” feeds on the lifeblood of those he/she takes from. The vampire is dependent on the blood of others to sustain it, just as the narcissist is dependent upon the energy of others to sustain it. The narcissist will most often suck us dry, discard us and move on to the next victim using our energy, vitality and often even our identity to pursue the next source. It can be incredibly disempowering to experience such a soul extraction and we need to know how to take our power and energy back.

Through the process of “Soul Retrieval” we work with the Universal Laws, including “the Law of Transmutation of Energy,” to command back into our body and energy field that which has been taken. We have the power to command the energy. Most of us just don’t know it yet, nor do we know how to do it.

What happens when you command back your energy? Does the narcissist feel it? Does he or she experience a loss of energy? Often that person is so unconscious and unaware that he or she doesn’t have a clue what is going on but suddenly you may come into his or her mind and that person may feel a need to reconnect on some level. This is why when people start to feel strong again and start to feel they are recovering some of their energy the narcissist shows back up for round two, or three or four.

We have to get wise and realize this has nothing to do with love. Our romantic side often needs to romanticize the return of the narcissist believing the narcissist really cares about us or is coming back because s/he finally realizes how much s/he loves us. The narcissist may even tell you he or she loves you but you have to remember this person is highly unconscious and doesn’t realize his or her own vampiric nature. All this person knows, in the moment, is there is a lack of energy and it has your name written all over it. That person may come back and sleep with you and leave again or attempt to get you back but then start the crazy making behavior once you accept him/her back in.

toxicbondPart of the magic of soul retrieval is to develop your own awareness that you have to stop feeding the vampire your life-force energy. You’ve got to close the windows and the doors to your soul and make getting your life back, the utmost priority. You have to understand the hooks that are being used on you and your own weaknesses, such as a need to romanticize the narcissist or feel guilty for his or her sad condition.

When the narcissist doesn’t have adequate supply, he or she can appear very sad and vulnerable and you may want to help; but this is no different than realizing that the vampire is weakened when he doesn’t get blood and so you expose a vein to help him out, even when exposing that vein weakens you.

Most of us are compassionate beings and want to help. We feel sorry for the weakened state of others; but we often don’t realize the need for self-love and self-care. We need our life-blood for our own survival. Let’s stop being self-sacrificing martyrs and start being self-empowered.

Soul Retrieval is a process that helps you command back your energy and disconnect from the Vampire.

Hypnotherapy is a process that influences the subconscious mind and helps it to accept the new reality, which includes the concept of yourself as being strong and empowered, recharged with your own lifeforce and vitality, rather than seeing the self as weak and powerless. We feed our self-concept with the thoughts we think and the attitudes we have towards ourselves and others. Hypnotherapy is a quick way to change these thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Combining both Hypnotherapy with Soul Retrieval can more rapidly help you to detach from the narcissist in your life, take back your power, take back your soul, and move forward in your life.

Some people are more resistant than others because the beliefs that are keeping them hooked into that relationship are pretty deeply engrained. It may take a little time to turn it around. I often recommend we work together, once a week for a good three months for the best long-term results.

ShamanicJourney_SoulRetrieval_300wIf you are unable to afford private counseling/coaching I am developing a line of affordable audio Mp3 programs with my new series being “The Shamanic Soul Series.”

The first audio of this series is now available and it is “The Soul Retrieval Shamanic Journey” that uses the Shamanic Drum beat to induce the trance like state of hypnosis, allowing the suggestions and exercises to go deep into the subconscious mind.

I invite those who are interested in using this program as a tool for their recovery to make a commitment to listen daily for a period of about thirty days. It takes thirty days to form a habit, and the way you think, believe and feel around the narcissist is habitual. You have been conditioned to think, believe and feel the way you do. Using a program like this on a daily basis not only gives you the immediate benefit of Soul Retrieval but the lasting conditioning of Hypnotherapy and the Reprogramming of negative habits that keep you hooked into the soul sucking dynamic of the narcissist, whether he or she is physically in your life or not.

When your thirty days are up, move to the next program and keep some kind of positive conditioning happening on a daily basis. If you find that you are really burned out on one program, alternate it with another. But keep some kind of positive conditioning happening on a daily basis.

One-on-one therapy is recommended if you are really feeling stuck and need to explore your own psyche and unconscious mind to find out what is keeping you there. We often hold so tightly to a certain belief system that we just won’t let go. It is helpful to work with someone who can see into your own blind spots and help you shed light on them and give you tools to move beyond those places you are stuck.

Therapy is often very necessary in a time like this and I keep my prices very reasonable because I realize that most people coming out of soul draining experiences are also financially drained.

You have to look at therapy as an investment in yourself. For as little as $1000.00 you can have weekly sessions with me for three months. This is less than a day in the hospital and you can put the sessions on your credit card or use the Paypal “buy now, pay later” payment program.

If you would like to see how people are already being helped by my services, you can read the testimonials.


ShamanicJourney_SoulRetrieval_100wMeanwhile you can get the new Soul Retrieval program right now for immediate download and begin your re-conditioning today!

A Blast from the Past

DSCF5210Four years ago the man I loved disappeared from my life and I was left in the darkness to deal with the pain and grief of losing another marriage. I had such high hopes and dreams and once again they were shattered and so was I. I traveled through a “dark night of the soul” in search for what was missing in my life….”ME!”

Four years later I have found those missing parts of myself. I rebuilt my life, created a beautiful home, a thriving business, great health, a close network of dear friends and a music room where we meet and create the most powerful healing sounds. Where it once felt life frowned on me it now feels that life smiles upon me.

DSCF5192Four years later the man I left behind resurfaced in my life and attacked my character. Where my friends and readers now tell me I am a beacon of light he told me I was darkness. Where my friends tell me “I love you” he tells me “you are not worth loving.” Where my friends tell me “you possess such radiant beauty” he tells me “you are ugly.” Where my friends tell me “you are a woman of great integrity” he tells me “you have no integrity.” Where my friends tell me I have such a big and loving heart, he tells me “you are heartless!” He didn’t use those words but this was the message contained in his words.

It was in his reappearance in my life I realized what it was I had to overcome. Four years ago I believed those things about myself and I attracted people into my life who would mirror to me the beliefs I held in my shadow. I felt I was never enough! I couldn’t be enough or do enough. I was not good enough or loving enough. In his eyes I saw, not my beauty, but my ugliness.

I have learned to surround myself with people who really SEE me! People who know me, value me and love me for who I am and who I am is always enough!

kaleahbirthdayMy life is now “drama free” because I realize that the drama in my life was not coming from me but from those who needed to cast their inner demons upon me. I have purged my own inner demons to the point where now I CAN SEE ME!

PEACE is truly a product of our own hearts and souls. When we can come to a place of peace with who we are, we become a peaceful, loving individual. When we buy into the negative and dark projections of others we take their demons upon our shoulders and carry the burden of those demons.

To shake those demons I learned to say “you don’t know me! You never knew me! This is not who I am! It is who you are! I release you to your own experience of life! I will not carry the burden of your demons anymore!

I believe the attacking email out of “nowhere” was a great representation of “a BLAST from the past!” The past blasted into my life to ask this one question. “What have you learned?”

I have learned that I no longer need to surround myself with people who don’t see me, hear me or value me. I no longer need to believe those cruel things people say about me out of their own insecurity and unresolved pain. Those people are no longer welcome in my life. I have a choice and my life reflects my choices.

I choose LOVE! I choose JOY! I choose PEACE!

May you be blessed!


coverimage_200wP.S. I wrote my book “Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul” inspired by this journey of the Self to Know the SELF! It is not only about the lessons of my own experiences going through the “dark night” but my experiences guiding others through the dark night. Go here to learn more about this book!