Clinical Hypnotherapy

I have studied Clinical Hypnotherapy on a deep and intensive level.  I love this therapy!  It taps into a deeper level of our “inner self,” and our “higher Self.”  Sometimes we have to truly relax and go deep within and allow our resistance to melt away.

Each of us have a healer aspect within us.  We simply need to tap into our healer aspect and allow it to do its work.

Hypnotherapy is a state of deep relaxation which puts the body at ease and allows those subconscious blocks to come up and be resolved.

Hypnotherapy  can be used for reducing anxiety, obsession, PTSD symptoms, addictive issues, fear and trauma, inner child healing, regression work, future visioning, finding and healing core issues, and much more.  Hypnotherapy has commonly been used for weight loss, to stop smoking and heal addictions as well.

Most people who have a hypnotherapy session with me tell me they have not felt that relaxed in a very long time.  Just the relaxation was worth it for them.  But there is the benefit of the added healing of body, mind and spirit.

The Powerful Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression

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