Anchoring Love in a Time of Fear

14610936_1277621358970672_4565553264326758542_nThe energy on the planet, especially in the U.S. is very intense right now. That intensity has found its way into my life, even as I have done my best to stay positive and anchored in love. What has been the most difficult thing for me is feeling so judged by people when I express my views, which are positive, hopeful and anchored in the vibration of love. I ask those who lash out to take responsibility for their own emotions, and they lash out more.

Finally, I resolve to disconnect from those who are expressing such hostility. But often they chose to disconnect from me first because of their disappointment in me.

I am healing some pretty deep wounds; as are we all, and one of the most difficult things to experience is feeling judged and having people disappointed in me. It triggers my core shame. I don’t like the way I feel. I want people to like me! I want to be accepted. I want to be approved of. But this is being challenged right now.

shamanicfreedom1The true reality we all live in, comes from within us. No two of us truly live in the same reality. Our inner reality comes from how we view the world. Do we believe we live in a friendly, or a hostile Universe? Do we see the glass as half empty or half full? Do we see there are two sides to every argument; or are we one sided? Is it our goal to align with love? Or to passionately hold to our fear and anger?

I admit I am afraid when I feel I have disappointed others. My shame is rooted in fear. There is a fear of not being good enough. The fear of being unlovable. But I have to remind myself; it is my small, ego self that is aligning with fear and I gently bring myself back to love. In the vibration of love, we can’t help but feel our intrinsic value in the world.

Sometimes when we hold the light, we have the experience of being attacked by what the light reveals.

I am a woman who speaks her truth and puts it out there for all to see, in the form of books, articles and podcasts. Whenever we express our truth, some people are triggered by it, and the first reaction is to lash out at the one who triggers you. I have had to experience that backlash for years now. One would think I would get used to it. But it can still feel really ugly! The innocent little child, within me is still shocked by the ugliness of some people’s words. She thinks “why can’t they just be nice?”

Ultimately I have to “be nice” to myself and do my very best not to take other’s personally. As long as I find the courage to put myself “out there” for public consumption, I must risk the backlash.

With the election results, the reactions are amping up. I don’t dare speak how I feel without the risk of crucifixion. I don’t dare say “Hey, maybe it won’t be so bad! There are some positive things happening right now in the world.” If I say anything positive about Trump, I get accused of being a “Trump Supporter” and the rage falls upon me. “How could you support Trump, when he is a racist, sexist, narcissist and you are a specialist in narcissistic abuse?”

selflove3How many people who accuse me, really know my heart? An assumption is being made that has no basis in reality.

It is my intention to anchor myself in a positive and loving energy during a very tumultuous time. I am no Pollyanna, but I have learned a thing or two on my very long journey on the “Path Back to Self.” I’ve learned that what we give our attention to is what grows in our reality. The more we sit around hating and fearing, the more our reality takes on the vibration of hate and fear, and the more of that we see in the world. On the other hand, the more we align with love and that heart energy, the more love we see in the world.

mage_4I just finished singing a few of my new songs at a Unity congregation. It was so powerful to sing these songs about coming together in the energy of love, and having a whole group of people completely “get it!” YES! The love in that room was so strong. There were tears! There was healing! My heart was bursting open! It feels so good to be received after feeling so attacked.

But still I must realize. Whether my voice triggers love or hostility, neither one really have anything to do with me. It is simply what my presence triggers. It just feels so much better to have my presence trigger an open heart and a pouring out of that good “love” energy!

y-tyuj-detI will continue to be true to myself and speak what is in my heart. I will do my best to be allowing of others being exactly where they are and not take it personally. I have to keep reminding myself. “This is not about me!”

I really have to practice letting go of my attachment to other people’s reality. It is okay they think, feel, believe as they do. It is their choice! It is their reality! And…it has nothing whatsoever to do with me!

The reality right now is Trump is our new President! We can’t change that! Well, some people are trying.

The Serenity Prayer says “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Whether we like it or not….Trump is President. Now what are we going to do with our energy? Are we going to continue campaigning? Are we going to continue slinging hate and judgement at each other? Are we going to find others to discharge our fear onto? Or are we going to find the courage to change what we can?

We may not be able to change a Trump presidency; but we can change our inner reality and where we focus our attention.

Maybe some are just not ready yet, and that is okay. It is okay to be in shock, disbelief, and to be afraid. It is not okay to lash out at others because you are in shock, disbelief or fear. Be wherever you are. Just take responsibility for your words and actions. Be where you are and allow others to be where they are.

I am making a conscious choice to align with the energy of love and not fear. This is where I am! Join me if you would like. I would love your company!

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Divide and Conquer

a-nation-dividedLast night Donald Trump won the 2016 Political Elections.

As an energetically sensitive being, I have never felt so much turmoil in our Country; not because Trump won, but because our nation is divided, nearly equally in half, and one half is at war with the other. People are projecting hatred, anger, judgement and fear. People are creating the future with these projections. People are talking Hitler and nuclear war. The fear is overwhelming!

636071360936144661-xxx-jillstein-4I stand down! I observe! I quietly voted for the Candidate on the ballot who most deeply spoke to my heart “Jill Stein!” People ask me if I wasn’t afraid that I was dividing the vote. I said “No! I am not afraid of dividing the vote because if there is not a candidate worthy of my vote, I will not vote!” Jill Stein was worthy of my vote! Thank you Jill, for giving me this option. Because when I looked into your eyes, I saw love! I saw somebody who was kind and gentle and who truly cared. I believed in you almost immediately. You spoke to my heart! And I voted with my heart!

This morning I woke up and there was a heaviness in the air. I saw the Facebook wars, the fear and the outrage! I realized I felt at peace! Not with the state of the world right now; but with my own choice. My choice was for LOVE!

trumpclintonyellingAnd I realized that “divide and conquer” is how war is won! If the war that is happening now is to divide us against each other, then this political election has achieved its goal. We are fed this idea, through the all powerful media, that we only had two choices and we weren’t going to like either one of them. We were not shown that there is always, another choice!

We have to ask ourselves! What is our true goal here? Is it not peace? Is it not the ability to live our lives, true to ourselves, with clean air, clean water, healthy food options, and abundance for all? Is it not our goal to be treated with kindness and respect? Is it not our goal to live by the Golden Rule, the one thread of truth that unites all religions? “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You!” Plain and simple. Treat others with the love and the respect that you would like to have in your own life!

How is being at war with each other loving? Or respectful?

standing-rockLook at what is happening with the Dakota Pipeline Peaceful Protest. People gather in peace, in great numbers, to say “NO! This is not okay!” They stand up to corruption and speak their united truth and that truth is not for personal benefit, but for the benefit of all humanity!

The bullies pushed their way in, with abusive tactics, stomping over the rights of the citizens who are standing for what is right!”

There is a movement on our planet right now! That movement is to bring our voices together for what is right! This is not about Hillary or Trump! The votes were not cast for the personality! The votes were casts for the vision of what we truly wanted to see unfold in the world. It is our mutual vision we need to stay aligned with. We need to bring our hearts back to the true goal; a peaceful and abundant existence; to live with respect for all beings.

I am not talking metaphysics or some idealized spirituality! This is so basic!

quote-people-all-over-this-country-are-shouting-at-each-other-and-what-we-need-to-do-is-bring-bernie-sanders-137-42-65What would happen if all of us stood together, and united our energies toward our true goal; to live peacefully and abundantly upon the earth? What if?

We have been looking for someone “out there” to lead us out of darkness; not fully realizing that the darkness is the fear we are allowing to divide us. The darkness is our own fear! It has come to this!

I hear people saying “I don’t know why this is happening! I am in shock! I am in disbelief!”

This is happening because we are a nation divided in fear! We have created this!

There are two primary energies on this planet! Fear and LOVE! When we choose fear, we create from fear! Fear is the root of hatred!

handsacrosstheglobeThe leaders “out there” are showing us how much we have given our power away; not only individually, but as a people! We are a great people! But if we don’t come together as one booming voice, speaking for our basic rights, they will be taken from us! We have the right to clean air, clean water, and an abundance of healthy, untainted food! We are the stewards of this earth! The earth cannot be owned! It cannot be ruled by greed! This is NOT okay!

To speak out in love does not mean we lie down. It does not mean we are passive! Love is the strongest power in the Universe! There is nothing passive about it! Love has passion in its powerful vibration! We can be passionate about taking back the earth!

Why did Trump win? Because his message was “Take Back America! Make it Great Again!” He was only the spokesperson, for a deeper truth that a large number of American people were choosing! It has nothing to do with Trump! Trump may have already served his purpose! The rest may very well be up to us!

So, what are we going to choose? Love or Fear?

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The Victim Archetype

A New Podcast is Available:

victim-archetypeWhen we examine the Victim Archetype, we look deep into our shadow to find the part of ourselves that looks at life through the lens of the victim. We tend to feel victimized by our relationships and circumstances in our lives. We unconsciously attract victimizers into our lives who adequately trigger us.

In this episode of Pandora’s Box we will explore, in depth, the victim that may be lurking in your shadow. Once you discover what is hiding deep within, and bring it into the light of awareness, you have the power to upgrade that inner victim, to Empowered SELF!

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Why Diet is Important for Emotional Well Being

fruitbasketoutdoorsMost of us already know that if we are healthy and reasonably slender, we feel better.  This is a “no brainer.”  But we don’t often realize how important what we put in our body is when it comes to our mental health and emotional well being.

I always approach life holistically, which means that I look at the whole person, not just an aspect of that person.  Everything works together.  If we are out of balance physically, we are out of balance emotionally and vise versa.  When considering optimal well-being we need to consider our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  We need to look at our life and see what is out of balance.

kaleahkitchen1Most of my clients report that when they are emotionally upset they don’t eat well.  They lack the energy to take care of themselves. This is the time when taking care of yourself becomes the most important thing you can do.

Your physical body needs the nutrients to help you to deal with the emotional stress.  If you eat nothing but ice cream and junk food when you have a broken heart, you will feel worse in the long run, and when you start gaining all that extra weight, you will feel even worse. Continue reading

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I Need You To Love Me

podbeanbutton_144wWe often get caught up on a Merry-Go-Round of trying to get our needs met from other people, investing an enormous amount of energy in trying to get love from an empty well. Why is this? How can we break this pattern and learn how to truly live “in love?”

In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah explores how we give our power away to people and things outside ourselves in attempt to get our deep, inner needs met. She addresses the dynamic we find ourselves in with narcissists and addicts and how we can change our pattern of attracting hurtful and destructive relationships.

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