Healing Core Pain Class Launching!

Happy New Year!

breakingfreeThe first of the year is a great time to clear the slate and start fresh with a dedicated commitment to yourself and creating the life you really want to live.

If you have been suffering or living in a lot of pain, perhaps it is time to go deeper into it, understand it and find a way to release your pain and move towards greater and greater joy. Joy and pain are on opposite ends of the same spectrum, so the deeper you feel the pain, the deeper you will also experience your joy.

This month I am resurrecting my “Healing Core Pain” tele-class to assist you in moving through your pain which ultimately leads you out of pain. In this class you will have the opportunity to confront your pain on a deeper level and learn tools to help you to cope, tolerate and be with your pain so that you are no longer running from it or trying to escape it.

The more you are able to cope with or tolerate your pain, the less you will need addictions and dysfunctional relationships to distract you from it. When you can move through pain and to Joy you can re-create a life that is fulfilling and say “no” to relationships where you don’t feel loved, cared for or supported.

Ultimately your greatest relationship is with yourself and so you need to learn to be with yourself, regardless of what you are experiencing. You need to be able to confront pain and loneliness. The more powerful your relationship with yourself, the less you will need to project your unhealed wounds onto others or take on the projections of others. You will “know yourself” and know what belongs to you and what doesn’t.

Pain is a part of life and we can never truly avoid it. Stuff happens. But we can develop a much more powerful relationship with our pain and move through it much more quickly, each time there is a painful occurrence in our lives.

I invite you to join me for my four week tele-class “Healing Core Pain” and change your relationship to your pain. This class will be a combination of lecture, support, hypnotherapy and guided process.

Learn more and sign up for “Healing Core Pain” Here!

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Pandora’s Box has a New Home!


kaleahPandora’s Box Radio was launched in January of 2012 and celebrates it’s fourth year anniversary the first of January. Prior to the launch of Pandora’s Box my show was called “Dispelling the Myths” and all the shows for the past seven years are available in the archives at:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dispelling-the-myths

As my personal life and my work took me deeper into the emotional realms, it felt Pandora’s Box was being opened and all the emotions I had been suppressing began to find their way to the surface of my awareness. The result was entering a “Dark Night of the Soul” back in 2011. I learned so much about emotional honesty and emotional intelligence during the journey of this dark night that it was a natural evolution to begin teaching what I had learned. Pandora’s Box Radio was birthed out of my desire to begin digging deeper into our emotional reality; what I feel to be the most authentic journey to finding our true self.

Dispelling the Myths was a show where I conducted a lot of interviews bringing other people’s work in front of my audience but I didn’t really talk a lot about my own ideas and the awareness I was gaining. So Pandora’s Box was my opportunity to begin talking about what I was teaching in my books, audio’s, classes and counseling sessions. The feedback I received from listeners was very positive as many people wrote and told me they much preferred it when I talked rather than interviewing others.

Pandora’s Box began as a live broadcast; however each show was recorded and available in the archives immediately after the broadcast. What I realized is that most of my listeners were listening to the recorded podcasts. The live shows were not drawing a large audience. I felt the quality of the audio wasn’t that great as I had to dial into the switchboard via phone for a live broadcast. I was also running into more and more technical issues and due to errors beyond my control I was having to re-broadcast several shows. This is why I made the decision to go from live broadcasting to podcasting. I am able to provide a higher quality audio and have a little more control over my time.

After much research I found Podbean.com, which I am very happy with. I created Pandoras-box-radio.com and begin a new journey into the world of podcasting. I invite you to check it out. Podbean, like blogtalkradio, allows you to download each episode, listen and download from I-tunes, or just listen Online. You can also “follow” Pandora’s Box and be notified of each new episode that is posted.

As I head into a new year and a new direction with Pandora’s Box I want to thank all of you who have been listeners for years and those who are new to listening. I value you! You are the reason I am still here. As always, thank you for listening and it is my hope we will go many more years together.

Blessings and Happy Holidays to you!


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Self Love and Gratitude

ThanksgivingThis week, in the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving. I have been a vegetarian for decades and Thanksgiving Day is not about the Turkey Feast. It is about gathering with friends and celebrating what it is we are truly grateful for in our lives.

When going through pain and hardship it can be difficult to think about what you are grateful for, and often difficult to feel any gratitude at all. It seems to be human nature that our inner focus is directed to “what’s wrong” rather than “whats right.” We are problem solvers and want to solve “what is wrong” in order to achieve our goal of having “everything right.”

We are human and we are flawed. We will never have all our duckies in a row and perfection will always elude us. However we do have an amazing capacity to feel love and joy.

selflove5Studies show that “gratitude” is a powerful healer. Whether you are sick, in pain or depressed, by focusing on what you are grateful for, you begin to shift your attention to “the glass is half full” rather than “half empty.”

It is “self loving” to actually seek out things to love about yourself and about your current circumstances, whatever they are. If you don’t know where to begin, do a personal inventory. Do you have your arms and legs? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you taste your food? Do you feel? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food on your plate when you are hungry? Do you have anyone in your life who you know really loves you?

Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, tells us “comparison is the cause of all unhappiness.” We tend to compare ourselves to those we see as having less than we do and as a result we feel superior and we compare ourselves with those we perceive as “having more” and feel inferior. Both superiority and inferiority separate us from each other. We do not see ourselves as equal and therefore we build walls that separate us from standing on common ground.

Since many of us tend to see the glass as “half empty,” the comparisons we make in our daily life are most often focused on our lack and limitation. We don’t have enough and we are not enough. We compare ourselves with those, we perceive, as having more and feel insecure and inadequate. This is not self loving. It is self sabotaging.

Practicing gratitude is a way to take us from focusing outside of ourselves on the successes and failures of others and instead focus inward on our own blessings. The more we focus on our blessings the more we become aware of what is good in our lives and the more “good” we attract into our lives. We also begin to feel better about ourselves. We stop comparing ourselves to the fortunes and misfortunes of others and start to realize that our life is meant to be lived for our own soul’s growth and we need to celebrate our own successes.

Those who wake up in the morning and count their blessings will have more blessings to count. This is because “counting your blessings,” creates an energetic vibration of gratitude that, through the law of attraction, draws more to you on that same vibrational wavelength.

When I work with people who have just come out of terrible relationships and are in deep emotional pain, I often suggest they shift the way they look at what just happened. One can say “my husband left me for another woman,” or she can say “the Universe removed this person from my life so that I can know myself on greater levels, learn to love myself more, and attract someone into my life who will mirror to me my own self love.”

If, at the core, we are self loathing, rather than self loving, we will attract into our lives someone who mirrors to us our own self loathing. This means we may attract someone who abuses us, or treats us poorly. We may not have been aware of how much “self loathing” we actually had, on a subconscious level, until we found ourselves in relationship with someone who made us feel really ugly and worthless. We may stay in that relationship because there is a core belief we don’t deserve anything more. Bad relationships are a great way to “root out” those negative core beliefs and show us how we really feel about ourselves. If that person leaves, say “thank you;” because you are now being given an opportunity to move up the vibrational ladder to greater self love and awareness.

The pain we are often left with in circumstances like this, is our deep core pain being rooted out. We may have moved through a life filled with distractions so we didn’t really have to look that deeply at ourselves and at some point your soul says “it’s time to evolve beyond this pattern” and will create the circumstances for your evolution. It may be painful, because you are growing out of a self sabotaging, dysfunctional pattern. You are facing your inner demons, your shadow side, in a way you never have before. So if you are in pain from being thrown into a deep inner growth challenge, say “thank you for this opportunity to grow from self loathing to self loving.”

Even in the most painful circumstances we can find something to be grateful for. Feel the pain! Embrace the healing process! But seek out what is good about where you find yourself and celebrate that.

When you practice gratitude in your daily life it becomes second nature. You simply begin to see the glass as “half full” in your life and you naturally have an attitude of gratitude which gives you a more positive outlook on life and a happier disposition.

So “be glad” for the good and trust that life is moving you towards your highest good and the greatest fulfillment of your life purpose.

Happy Thanks Giving!

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Is It Love? Or an Over Excited Nervous System?

Next On Pandora’s Box with Kaleah


talkaboutloveWe often have such an activated nervous system in relationships where we don’t feel safe. We interpret that activated nervous system from abusive or neglectful relationships as excitement. Your draw to that person is a draw to excitement because excitement makes you feel alive.

In this episdoe of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah talks about the dynamics behind our draw to the narcissist, sociopath or abuser in our lives, trauma bonds, the Stockholm Syndrome, and how we can truly heal and move forward into a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Listen Now On Blog Talk Radio

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On The Good Karma Path

Listen to the Podcast NOW on Pandora’s Box with Kaleah

good_karma_pathKarma is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. But how does that show up in our lives? Do we really reap what we sow? Do people really get away with cruelty and dirty deeds towards others?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about karma from the perspective of emotional life and death. She talks about Karma in relationship to living in a narcissistic society, dealing with narcissistic people and facing our own inner narcissism.

Join Kaleah to learn more about how you can walk the “Good Karma Path” and reap what you sow in a way that brings you more of what you truly seek in life.

Listen NOW!

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