Finding Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit

Self love is really about taking care of yourself on all levels, body, mind and spirit. If you put all your attention in one area and not consider the other important area’s of your life you will experience a lack of balance.

People often come to me out of a state of emotional pain and chaos. The emotional part of their life is needing a lot of attention. This often happens when we ignore our emotions for too long. We develop sophisticated methods of suppressing our emotions so we don’t feel pain or discomfort and when our usual methods of suppression don’t work anymore we begin to experience the pain and discomfort we have long been running from.

When we ignore our body, we also experience physical issues such as gaining too much weight, lack of energy and illness. Our bodies need care on a daily basis and yet so many people put more effort in maintaining their vehicles than their own bodies. When we suffer the ill effects of neglecting our body, we don’t feel good on all levels.

The mental aspect is the part of us that thinks, analyzes, evaluates, solves problems and makes decisions. It is also the part of us that gets stuck in negative thought or stinking thinking. We need to practice being “mindful” of our thoughts. Negative thinking can lead to negative feeling and deep emotional pain. When you think the thought “I am not good enough,” you will not “feel” good. So practice minding the mind, watch your thoughts and beliefs. There is truth to the saying “what you think about comes about.” We can choose where to put our mind, but it may involve practice and conditioning.

The final area of focus is spirituality. You don’t have to be religious in order to pay attention to the spiritual aspect of your “being.”

Spiritual is “of the spirit.” The spiritual aspect is the part of us that is aligned with being true to ourselves and “on purpose” in our life. It is the part of us that hungers for connection with others and with the God of our Understanding, even if this is nature. Spending time in nature can be a deeply spiritual and healing experience.

Practices such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, tai chi and even silent hiking in nature are food for the spirit and the body.

On my personal growth path I am devoted to my physical health and well-being as well as being a student of spiritual growth and exploration. I have been a vegetarian most of my adult life and now eat a completely plant based diet. Eating a plant based diet involves eating things that grow naturally on the earth, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes and some healthy grains like quinoa, wild rice and oats. My diet is anything but bland as I love cooking and preparing delicious living food creations. Eating a large variety of living, wholesome foods from nature are not only the highest vibrational diet for our body but the most harmonious for our health, healing and connection to nature.

We, as humans, can get very attached to our diets and way of eating. I suggested to a client wanting to lose weight and feel better that she adopt a plant based diet for a month and although she begrudgingly agreed to look into it, I never heard from her again. Some people are just too afraid to stray from their comfort zones and if your comfort zone diet involves eating a lot of meat, dairy and processed foods, you might not find the health and wellness you are seeking.

Diet plays a much larger role in our lives than we might believe. The saying “you are what you eat” is true in many ways. What you put in your body does make a difference.

When you want to detoxify emotionally you might think about detoxifying physically as well. It is proven that fasting and praying go hand in hand because as you restrict your food and normal routine, it forces you into those places of discomfort on an emotional level. Many people who go on juice or water fasts also have some pretty amazing spiritual experiences. I’m not saying you should fast, but even choosing to adopt a plant based diet for a month is a type of fasting from heavy meats, dairy and processed foods and you will not only shed extra pounds but shed some emotional baggage as well. If you throw meditation and yoga into the mix, all the better.

Finding balance in your life is important to feeling good about yourself and your life. If you are feeling depressed, suffering Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, anxiety and lack of energy, consider focusing on small things you can do every day to bring about a greater sense of well-being. There is never a “one size fits all” cure for such things, but there is incremental progress based on the steps you take today.

The steps you take today create the “YOU” of tomorrow!

The Most Powerful New Year’s Resolution You can Make

newyearsresolutionsSo we are beginning a new year, and many of you have likely made some resolutions as to what you hope to do differently, to begin doing or stop doing.

It is a great time for people to “start a new!”  It’s a great time to commit to breaking a habit that isn’t supporting the highest version of yourself, or to form new habits that do support who you know, deep down, you can be.

successPersonally I am a big fan of “fresh starts” but not so big on New Year’s Resolutions.  This is because I feel that any time is a good time to have a fresh start.  The New Year, of course, is as good a time as any.  But people tend to make resolutions and then break them a few days or weeks in and go back to their old ways of being and doing.

A resolution is both an intention and a commitment. You are setting an intention, to make a change in your life and you are making a commitment to do something differently.

The most common resolutions people make, is to improve their health, lose weight, go to the gym, eat better, stop smoking or stop drinking.  As a result, Gym memberships and weight loss programs tend to have very high enrollment on the first of January, only to have the enrollment drop off by the end of the month.

Why is it people don’t keep their resolutions?  Well, because the same behaviors you had prior to the first of the year are the same behaviors you have now; unless, of course, your resolution is to tackle the underlying behaviors that are keeping you stuck in old, unhealthy patterns.

Just deciding to do something differently is usually not enough.  We need to have a deeper understanding of why we are engaging in the unhealthy behavior in the first place.  You can resolve to stop drinking but if you don’t resolve the underlying issues behind your drinking, will power won’t be enough.

It is my recommendation that if you want to make a change this year, you go deeper.  Go straight to the root of the problem.  If your problem is that you eat too much,  smoke, drink too much, or have poor relationships, making the decision to stop the “bad behavior” will not be what is needed to make a lasting change in your life.

Making a decision is only the first step!  Finding out what it is in your unconscious, that is causing you to “act out” through your unhealthy behavior is key to making a lasting change.  So regardless of what your New Year’s Resolution is, self-exploration is the most powerful path you can take to achieve your goals.

Rather than signing up for that gym membership, you might think about signing up for coaching, counseling or hypnotherapy so that you can really get to work on the underlying issues preventing you from achieving your goal.

The most powerful New Years Resolution you can make is to resolve to know what is standing in your way of having what you say you want.  Start here, and the rest will become much easier!