Oh My God! I’m Not Perfect! Would You Rather be Right? Or at Peace?

Our quest for perfection, or being seen as perfect clouds our ability to see ourselves as we really are and embrace a true, authentic life.  In this episode of Pandora’s Box, Kaleah explores how we hide our authentic Self behind the idealized Self, the perfected Self and the devalued Self.


Kaleah talks about how core shame is at the root of our Self Rejection and Abandonment and how healing our core shame can put us on a path of true Self acceptance, Self Love and Self Realization.  

Kaleah also talks about the false Self of the narcissist, why it is created and how the narcissist projects his own idealized and devalued Self onto others.  

Reconnecting with Soul

selflove5I recently participated in a powerful Full Moon, sound healing meditation with an amazing group of people and the result for me was incredible. I had not realized how much soul loss I had experienced in this past year through various relationship dynamics.  I had not realized the affect that soul loss had on me.

It began with chronic insomnia, the inability to fall asleep. I would lay awake night after night praying for sleep but it never came. Slowly my body began to deteriorate due to lack of regeneration. I reached my “bottom” or ultimate “low” which resulted in the ending of a relationship I was in. I found myself having to pull myself from the depths of the “low” point physical, mentally and spiritually and at the same time recover from losing the “love” in my life.

In the beginning it felt like a “hopeless” journey, but little by little I began to sleep again and reconnected with nature through daily walks down by the river. I could feel myself slowly coming back, emerging from the darkness and the desperation that resulted from feeling so disconnected from my own soul. Continue reading Reconnecting with Soul